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Stephen, HI Feb 11, 2015

Dr. John gave me a /very/ complete physical which discovered prostate cancer that had not been diagnosed by my previous PCP. He has assisted me along my current journey with support and respect. He worked one entire Sunday coordinating my pre-op tests so that I could return to the mainland and visit my mother in Hospice care the week of my own prostatectomy. I got to see her before she died and return in time for my own surgery. He is more than a friend, he has probably saved my life.

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Patty (Patricia), HI Oct 1, 2014

Aloha! Thank you MDVIP for giving Dr. David John, my doctor for over 25 years a way to still practice his excellent medicine! His attention to detail is incredible: mttrends in my blood work, weight, addiction potential of medications, and checking out a massive variety of strange symptoms. When I was introduced to Concierge Medicineas a possibility for Dr John, I immediately announced that I absolutely wanted this as soon as it became available. Dr John has always taken a lot of time with me at every visit, and he deserves to be properly compensated for this level of care. I have a complex medical history and take a lot of medications that have to be balanced out and called in over and over again. Since my various diseases / syndromes can flare up out of control, most visits include acute symptom management. MDVIP makes it possible for Dr. John to continue this level of care at a time that health care is becoming more and more like a fast assembly line! The best part about Dr John is that we are truly a team, and his humble, fun-loving spirit makes me feel like an equal player. The upshot of this is huge for me: i can bring any symptom and any far-fetched ideas about what I might have and unique treatment options. This FREEDOM to discus anything with Dr John and then really listen to Dr John's knowledge in the area. I truly do not know how I would have gotten through the past twenty-five years without Dr John!! Just one small example: I have had over ten surgeries during that time, and I cannot take any narcotic medications. So Dr John writes and calls in and monitors all of my post-op prescriptions himself, What a great guy!!!

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