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Spencer Phillips, MD, FAAFP

William, PA Mar 10, 2016

Dr. Phillips is extremely caring about his patients his care for me cannot be explained in words.

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Spencer Phillips, MD, FAAFP

John, PA Mar 5, 2016

I have been through some extreamly serious health conditions in the last 2 years Dr Phillips and staff have made a tremendous and positive impact. I don't know what the outcome would have been without them. Their professional help was and is fantastic. I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

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Spencer Phillips, MD, FAAFP

Walter, PA Feb 11, 2015

Doctor Phillips listens to what I have to say. When I was hospitalized he was there. When I call at any hour of the day or night he answers within a reasonable time. He takes the time to explain what is wrong with me and explains what other doctors are saying about my condition in words that I understand. That's important to me and my wife. Thank you Doctor Phillips.

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Spencer Phillips, MD, FAAFP

Barbara, PA Feb 10, 2015

having my Dr available is a great comfort for myself and husband. He listens to my issues and directs me of how to take good care of our health. DR Phillips is a very caring person plus a wondeful physician. He is very important person in our life

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Spencer Phillips, MD, FAAFP

Scott, PA Aug 31, 2014

I cannot say enough about our MDVIP Doctor, Dr. Spencer Phillips. His bedside manner, and passion for high level engagement in our care is quite amazing. We have been in the MDVIP Program for six months, and our cost has been more than covered twice with the service that Dr. Phillips has provided. We avoided 3 ER visits on Weekends, as there was never an option before. Those three ER visits would have cost me, someone with very good health insurance, about $2,500. Dr. Phillips just left our home, on a Sunday, over a holiday and I felt compelled to let others know how very special this man is, and that the MDVIP program has had a significant impact on our thoughts of what healthcare should look like going forward. Thank you MDVIP and thank you Dr. Phillips. The Kuhn Family

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Spencer Phillips, MD, FAAFP

Eileen, PA Feb 19, 2014

I have been seeing Dr Phillips for so many years, we would have to check your files. My previous Dr. who was with Family First, retired so I decided to stay with the practice. It is always hard to get used to a new Dr., but it did not take long until I realized what a kind, caring man Dr. Phillips was and continues to be. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. He has helped me through so many tough times, and is always there for me and some of my family as well. I am so happy to be able to join this newly formed MDVIP program, it gives me a sense of security, knowing he is always there for me. It is a privilege to have him for my doctor.

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