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Teresa, VA Aug 16, 2014

As a pharmaceutical sales representative, I first met Dr. Schubert in a professional setting. He was a speaker for one of the products I sold with my second company. For me, he was not only a speaker, but a teacher and a mentor. Out of at least 400 health care providers I had called on in my 9 years of pharmaceutical experience, he impressed me so much with his knowledge and thoughtful approach to healthcare, that I urged my husband to begin seeing him as a patient. My husband has many health issues, including cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, and hyperlipidemia, to mention a few. The complex patient is very intriguing to Dr. Schubert, so he dove right in. When Dr.Schubert switched his practice to MDVIP, we didn't hesitate to both sign up. We love the novel approach to patient treatment - the ability to call, text, and email when we have urgent needs, the preventive approach, and the unhurried time he spends with us both. As a matter of fact, two weekends in a row we had to call on Dr. Schubert for help. The first weekend,my husband was hospitalized while Dr. Schubert was on vacation in another state. I texted him and he actually gave me the personal home number of the family member he was staying with because his cell phone service was unreliable. Not only that, he stopped in at the hospital on his way home to check on him, even though he didn't have privileges at this hospital. The following weekend, I was out of town for some training and my husband was admitted to the hospital with chest pain. I was able to be in constant contact with Dr. Schubert to relay what was going on with my husband. All went well, thank goodness, and at his follow-up appointment, Dr. Schubert discussed weight loss and diet with him. Now a month later, my husband has lost almost 20 pounds, stopped one of his diabetic meds, and halved the dose of another! I was in the airport on my way home from another business trip a couple of days ago when my husband went for this particular appointment and Dr. Schubert called me while I was waiting to board my plane to tell me how excited he was at the progress my husband had made. Honestly, I just don't know any other doctors (and I know a lot) who have this personal touch. And he really cares what happens to us. Now it's my turn to be an intriguing case for Dr. Schubert, but I'm looking forward to the journey because I know I won't be left in the dark. He is truly our partner in wellness and we are so very thankful to have him as a part of our lives! And we love his wife and kids and office staff, too!

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Connie, TN Aug 15, 2014

I had the opportunity to meet the Schubert family through a friend. In casual conversation regarding employment, I was really impressed with Dr. Schubert's genuine enthusiasm for his work and his involvement with MDVIP. It seemed to offer him the ability to be a doctor the way he wanted to be; with much more patient involvement then his old practice allowed. I chose to become a patient and very shortly afterward had one of 'those infamous freckles' which did prove to be cancerous. Dr. Schubert's aggressiveness throughout the process along with his excellent communication skills were fantastic. He is very well read with a current knowledge base. I find him well connected and he makes things happen. I can always get an appointment as my situation moves forward. My decision to become one of Doc's patients has been invaluable. I still hope to walk the Appalachian Trail one day...

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Tom, TN Aug 14, 2014

I am a 73 yo male and I have always had a great aversion to doctors. I was referred to Dr. Schubert by another doctor that my wife was seeing. I went to Dr. Schubert with a shortness of breath problem, that other doctors had diagnosed as asthma. Dr. Schubert immediately sent me to the hospital, and it turned out to be coronary heart disease. As a result I had triple by-pass surgery. After three months, I had to have the surgery repeated. Dr. Schubert was a guiding force through this ordeal. I attribute him to saving my life twice, if not more. I thank God for leading me to Robert L. Schubert, M.D. and every day I exist now is a gift from Dr. Schubert and God.

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Michele, TN Mar 12, 2014

We've been friends with Dr. Schubert for many years, but jumped on board MDVIP soon after he shared this new concept with us. During our time under his care he has walked us through several illnesses, our child's first broken bone and first round of stitches. As parents of a student athlete, we tend to have a quick fix and get the kid back on the field mentality. However, Dr. Schubert has been careful and cautious with our son and us to make sure proper healing takes place. We are so pleased with the care and compassion he has shown to us and we couldn't imagine going anywhere else for our health and well being. We are thankful for MDVIP, Dr. Schubert, his staff and family for making proper health care available and affordable. This attached picture shows our son several weeks into the healing process. Without Dr. Schubert's wisdom and patience, this would not have been possible.

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Joyce, TN Feb 23, 2014

As someone with serious heart problems, it is a great comfort to me to have Dr. Schubert and his staff always at the ready to provide the help I need. Sometimes what I need most is for him to look me in the eyes and tell me firmly, You can and you will!. It is wonderful to know that he has my back and will see to it that I get the care I need when I need it. I always know that he will listen to what I tell him and think carefully before he decides what to do. Dr. Schubert achieves an excellent balance of good bedside manner and explaining the science to me. I never leave his office without understanding what is going on and why, and more importantly, what we are going to do about it. Even though some of my activities such as kayaking are a bit questionable, he always encourages me to do what I enjoy with a minimum of risk. He's also there to pick up the pieces when I go too far. On one occasion, Dr. Schubert took one look at me as he passed me in the hallway and sent me straight to the hospital! He knows me well enough that he recognized I was anemic from a coumadin bleed. In my life I have had some poor medical care and I truly appreciate the wonderful care I receive from Dr. Schubert and everyone in his office.

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James, TN Feb 19, 2014

I really appreciate being able to contact Dr. Schubert at any time day or night and know he will return my call or text. Dr. Schubert is a very caring doctor and always wants to help with whatever the problem is. Recently I have been dealing with a blood pressure problem and having allergic reactions to blood pressure meds. Dr Schubert has continued to work with me through this stressful time trying to figure out a blood pressure medicine I can take. He has also been willing to see me at his office after hours. I am very thankful to have Dr Schubert as my doctor and feel he is a very competent.

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Harriet, TN Feb 7, 2014

Dr. Schubert is by far the best Dr. we have ever had. He is caring and compassionate. He took time with us even before MDVIP when he had no time. He is just really a nice person as well as s fine Dr. We feel come what may as we age he will do his best to care for us. I would like to add that his office staff is tops. They are friendly and helpful always. Thank you Dr. Schubert.

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