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Anjana Rastogi, MD, FACP

Joe and Joanna, TX Mar 23, 2014

You don't get to be 70 years old without seeing a lot of physicians. Joanna and Joe have been extremely fortunate to have had excellent physicians in our 70 years and in our 52 years of marriage. One physician over the years has stood out as being the best physician we have even seen. That physician is Dr. Anjana Rastogi. Examples are: Joe had a bad cough. Dr. Rastogi took xrays and immediately determined that Joe had severe pneumonia. She called the hospital, set up a room and sent Joe to the hospital for treatment. Her rapid recognition of the problem saved Joe's life, we believe. Joanna has had allergies and asthma for her entire life. Dr. Rastogi recognized the allergies and recommended a treatment that allows Joanna to lead a normal life. No other physician was able to accomplish the treatment. We both feel that Dr. Rastogi is an extraordinarily exceptional physician. We are very pleased that we are able to join her MDVIP practice.

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