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Gerald J. O'Connor, MD

Mark, FL Mar 24, 2017

Dear Reader, Let me state my views short and sweet. Without doubt, Dr. O'Connor is unique: he absolutely has a master's grasp and knowledge of medicine, keeps current with all relevant advances, listens -- really intently -- and has never failed to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the most effective cure. On a scale of 1 to 10, he's a 32. I am sure he rarely, if ever, has seen a patient leave his practice.

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Gerald J. O'Connor, MD

David, FL Feb 12, 2014

Dr. O'Connor is the epitome of what a great medical doctor should be. He is very smart, caring, available and responsive. His bedside manner is absolutely the best, always explaining complicated medical terms and procedures in a clear and understandable manner. My medical health is better because of his intense focus on me and my medical profile. I am proud to be his patient and I suspect all of his patients feel likewise.

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Gerald J. O'Connor, MD

Carol Nov 1, 2011

Dr. Gerald O'Connor is a fabulous internist! He is ALWAYS available and is truly interested in my concerns both valid and invalid. Dr. O'Connor is a cheerleader for all that I am doing to improve and continue my good health (after a little bout with breast cancer...yikes!!). He approaches my health goals and maintenance with great concern, encouragement and good humor! He is my go-to physician I call Dr. O'Connor no matter where my travels take me both stateside and around the globe. Dr. O'Connor makes me smile, and he IS a rock star!!! :)

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