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Stephanie J. Shell, DO

Patricia, FL Jun 30, 2015

Dr. Stephanie Shell is totally remarkable! In my 64 years this is the first physician who listens - who accepts that I understand when something is wrong with my body she interjects with her expertise to make a proper diagnosis and to treat aggressively for a quick response- explaining everything that she is prescribing.. I recently have had a few issues- inability to lose weight, type 2 Diabetes, and a very serious infection. We reviewed my weight on a graph and from this she was able to see that I had maintained weight steadily for several years and for the first time I was not accused of over-eating! I am just over the normal limits for Diabetes, and the infection needed immediate treatment to keep me from being hospitalized. Within the first couple days she had my infection under control, diabetes being treated, and through proper treatment and consult my weight had already dropped 5lbs. I have had follow up visits following my progress and have lost over 20 lbs in about 3 months, my infection is gone and hopefully when lab work is completed we will be able to take away the medication for Diabetes. She listens, she cares, she treats properly, I am not rushed or treated as an inferior intellect - I understand and will follow her instruction with total faith - I am totally impressed and so happy to have found Dr. Stephanie Shell. My recommendation is 100 - A+ - Excellent in everything including office staff and professional staff.

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Stephanie J. Shell, DO

Joanne, FL Feb 11, 2015

I was a patient of my doctor before she became a member of MDVIP. She has always been caring and genuinely concerned about my health. I now love having the ability to contact her at any time with questions or concerns--especially in the case of emergencies, as I had this past summer, in a different state, and have her respond almost immediately. It's very reassuring.

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Stephanie J. Shell, DO

Marilyn, FL Feb 7, 2015

Dr Stephanie Shell has been my Dr for many years. I feel that she has always been there for me and the level of care has always been the best. I can say I trust her with my health and wellbeing. I love that she is a DO Dr. that listens and discusses all my concerns. The best feeling comes from the hug at the end of my visit with her.

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