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Michael Daniels, MD

Skip, PA Mar 30, 2017

I was Dr. Daniels high school principal. It is always pleasing to see a student do well in his future career, but this went way beyond that. He has been our family doctor for over 40 years and when he opened his MDVIP program we knew that we wanted to be one of his patients. Recently I slashed my arm when I fell and after a quick call I reached Dr. Daniels who told me to meet him in his office. He stiched the deep-long opening. So professional! Very prepared to help! This was just one instance for me, but my wife and I have been seen on other emergency situations and we have received outstanding care. Thanks, Dr. Daniels. We are 85 now and hope you will be our doctor for many years to come!

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Michael Daniels, MD

SMarsha Nov 3, 2016

My husband & I share the same wonderful MDVIP physician but it's ME who seems to have more health emergencies. Via texting close to home or emailing when I'm out of the country, our doctor has always quickly responded with treatment help. Last summer in Europe, I acquired a staff infection on top of my poison ivy & this year I was hit with sudden onset vertigo when abroad again. We feel very lucky to have a doctor who is so incredibly kind & thoughtful along with the added assurance in the MDVIP program in being able to reach him anytime and anywhere! Marsha - in Pennsylvania

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Michael Daniels, MD

Elaine, PA Dec 3, 2015

Lets face it the system is broken. We have developed a trusting relationship with Dr Daniels, who has always gone out of his way for us over the years, caring for our family and elderly parents. He is a dear friend and stellar family physician. His caring and passion for his profession is commendable. This new form of doctoring is delightful and truly reminiscent of the way medicine used to be and should be. We love him and VIP!

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