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Irina Borissova, MD

Edward, SC Mar 27, 2017

Dr. Borissova was there for me when I ruptured my Quad Tendons in my right knee. Without her as an advocate I may have not been able to see the surgeon in time to save my leg from irreparable damage.

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Irina Borissova, MD

Heather Jan 11, 2017

Dr. Borissova has truly one of the kindest hearts I've seen in physicians. I love how she takes an integrative & holistic approach and truly takes the time to work with you towards your health & wellness goals. It's never too young to start looking at prevention and being proactive!

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Irina Borissova, MD

June, SC Feb 21, 2015

Dr. Borissova is a caring physician who is sensitive to my healthcare and encourages questions about health issues. She is patient and careful that her instructions are understood and always seems interested in my total person, not just medical problems. She has been this way since I choose her to be my physician several years ago, but since joining MDVIP, she has more time to share with her patients. I feel that my health is in very good hands and have every confidence in her professional knowledge and attention to my needs.

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Irina Borissova, MD

David, SC Feb 9, 2015

Dr.B I have been a patient for the last 16yrs.,she has been everything that could be asked for by anyone. Since mdvil.Dr.B can give every patient as much time as needed For myself, she had me in the office just a few hours after my call.After examing me she called the specialist ,explained my situation and had an appointment for the next day. She followed up with both the doctor and myself the next day. A similar situation occurred with my Brother.

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