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Joseph F. Nutz, MD

Emmitt, NC Oct 9, 2015

It is like going back 30 - 40 years where doctors really cared about their patients but with the advantage of modern medicine. I would not go back to the waiting rooms and 10 minute sessions with the doctor. I feel like my health care is in good hands!

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Joseph F. Nutz, MD

Jennifer, NC Jul 27, 2015

I have been meaning to share my story concerning the performance of Dr. Joseph Nutz. Dr. Nutz has been my primary physician for over 15 years and he has provided me with outstanding care. Dr. Nutz is extremely confident and knowledgeable in his field of study. He listens very intently to my health needs and works with me, as well as for me, to resolve any health issues I may have. I sincerely appreciate his respect for any recommendation he makes that I may hesitate to follow at a given time. Not only will Dr. Nutz send me to highly qualified specialists if I need to see one, he will honor my request (if I ever needed) to be placed in the hospital of my choice. In addition, he is very down-to-earth and has an outstanding bedside manner. I am very pleased with the service he has and continues to provide me. I strongly recommend Dr. Nutz to anyone who is need of an excellent doctor.

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Joseph F. Nutz, MD

Barbara, NC Jan 23, 2015

I have been with Dr Nutz for many years. Originally I was not going to join MDVIIP, however on Dec 25, 2014 my husband took me to the emergency room at Carteret General Hospital and I was admitted with pneumonia. After this experience I contacted Dr Nutz, telling him I wanted to become part of MDVIP. My husband and I have been twice to see him and both feel a wonderful sense of peace of mind knowing we can easily see him whenever necessary.

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