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Kenneth R. Barmach, MD

Barrett, PA Apr 8, 2016

Dr. Kenneth Barmach has been exceptional as my doctor for the past two decades. Innovative, up on the latest research, approachable, sensitive, and totally committed. He introduced me to Avodart, which has contributed much to my prostate health.

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Kenneth R. Barmach, MD

Paul, PA Mar 14, 2016

I have had a long-term professional/medical relationship with Dr.Kenneth Barmach, and that includes the period before I joined MDVIP. During this entire period, I have received the best of care that any patient could want. I consider him one of the most competent, if not most competent, physicians I have ever had. For those individuals who consider personality and bedside manner really important factors with regard to choosing a doctor, then Dr. Barmach is the physician for you. In summation, I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Barmach to anyone seeking a new physician

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