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John Bickle, DO

Doris Feb 26, 2016

This provider just saved my life. I am 91 years old. I recently left my prior doctor and switched to Dr. Bickle. Thank God and Heaven I did. I had a problem that was persisting and was misdiagnosed by my last MD and Dr. Bickle worked it out until it was resolved. It was a tumor on my kidney and I was on very borrowed time. The kidney and tumor are now gone and my symptoms have left with them. He is worth every penny I pay him and much, much more!

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John Bickle, DO

Melvin & Sharon Dec 25, 2015

My wife and I came from Minnesota because of her health from so many Knee and Femur surgeries, the cold weather was very painful . We have had a very hard time finding a good doctor. That was until we met Dr John Bickle. He cares for us as a person not a number, he believes in preventive medicine. We have received more tests then we have ever had before. He believes this is because catching a problem before it gets to a big one. We are very happy with Dr John Bickle and the staff and would recommend him to anyone. Yes, the is a cost to join but how important is your health care to you.

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