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James S. Hahn, MD

Deborah, TX Mar 18, 2016

Dr Hahn was my physician for many years and I normally only saw him 2-3 times per year. I have a chronic condition as well but I normally see a specialist for that. I was concerned when he chose to become an MDVIP physician since I did not think I would get my money's worth by paying the fees for the MDVIP experience. Let me tell you I was wrong! The yearly physical, review of blood tests and physical results, the time he spends with you to talk about your life, and health goals alone is with the cost. No physician has ever spent that much time with me. Also the fact you can get an appointment quickly when needed and you can contact him after hours brings a whole new level of care that I did not think was possible. Aside from all of this I truly believe Dr Hahn is one of the best physicians in Austin and perhaps the state or county even before MDVIP. He takes such an interest in his patients, he listens, he is extremely intelligent and able to diagnose issues quickly and he genuinely cares about your overall health. Before MDVIP he always said he could not spend the time he wanted with his patients. With MDVIP he now can and its a small price for me to pay to have such a great physician working with me to become more healthy as well as the ability to get care so quickly when I am ill.

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