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Michele H. Leder, MD, FACP

Josianne, NY Jul 1, 2016

I have been with Dr. Leder for over ten years now. She is the most caring, trusted doctor that I see regularly. She organizes the feedback from my specialists and all of my medications, making sure no errors are made, and is always on top of everything.

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Michele H. Leder, MD, FACP

Linda, NY Jun 22, 2016

I met Dr. Leder in January of 2006, after suffering for six years with what I thought were peri-menopause symptoms. When a raspy voice presented itself, I knew there was something else amiss and suspected a thyroid issue instead, according to my own research. I saw an announcement for a new physician in town and decided to try a new physician for the new year. Dr. Leder was engaging and knowledgeable and respected the fact that I knew best what was 'normal' for me, despite what an accepted normal range via blood work might indicate. I read extensively about my condition and feel that Dr. Leder saved my life with her knowledge of thyroid issues, her time, her patience, and her respect for the knowledge I had of my body and how it functions best. While Dr. Leder had extensive knowledge of and experience with treating hypothyroidism, she did not hesitate to refer me to an Endocrinologist when adjusting my medication became a challenge. When Dr. Leder left the local practice where I first met her, I followed her an hour away. She has a small, pleasant, comfortable private practice, with a amazing support staff in Lisa, who is welcoming, kind, patient, and professional. The atmosphere is very calm and cozy and reminiscent of a home town doctor's office of yesteryear. When Dr. Leder joined MDVIP, there was no question that I would join her as well. While Dr. Leder has always given me her undivided time and attention during my visits, through the added support of MDVIP she is able to give even more time, with extensive tests and services built in to the annual examination. I am very grateful to have found such a caring and knowledgeable professional in Dr. Leder. I am happy that her affiliation with MDVIP allows her to continue to practice in the attentive manner that is so rare with physicians today.

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Michele H. Leder, MD, FACP

Sandra, NY Mar 7, 2016

I had used the same doctor for over 30 years even though I was not really happy with the care I received. No returned calls, often waiting 2-3 hours to see him. I was however generally healthy so I put up with it. That is until I became ill in May of 2014. After being sent to 8 different doctors I fired my old doctor and found Dr. Leder who is everything I was looking for and more. She is kind, caring, and compassionate. She really listens to me and we work together to manage my ongoing health issues. She has a wonderful staff who are responsive and helpful. Dr. Leder is everything a physician should be. I feel so fortunate to have her as my doctor.

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