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Deborah, MD Mar 11, 2016

Dr. Josepshs is without a doubt the most caring compassionate physician I have ever had! He takes his time and patiently listens. He gives concise explanations. He is always there when I need him. It is a blessing to call him my doctor. Thank you!

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David and Carolyn, MD Mar 6, 2014

We have the utmost confidence in Dr. Josephs and think of him not only as a doctor, but as a friend. He is a very genuine and caring person and is what every doctor should be. We would not think about going to a specialist without Dr. Josephs' endorsement. Being a member of MDVIP allows him to have ample time for his patients. We salute Dr. Josephs and MDVIP for making our health care worry free!

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Barrie, MD Feb 24, 2014

Smart Professional Encouraging Courteous Informative Awesome Likable Personable Educational Respected and Respectful Sensitive Optimistic Nonpareil and happens to be our Primary Care Physician - how fortunate we are! Thank you Dr. Josephs,

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Cherie, MD Feb 24, 2014

When Dr. Josephs, who was my primary care doctor at the time, decided to join the MDVIP team, I decided to join him. After some research and attending a seminar he presented to us, his patients, it became very clear that keeping Dr. Josephs as my primary care doctor and all the benefits that came along with joining MDVIP, far outweighed the cost. Soon after choosing Dr. Josephs, I lost a childhood friend at the age of 32 to cancer. I had a very difficult time dealing with that loss and became very depressed followed by issues with anxiety. Dr. Josephs was there for me and helped me through this period in my life and has since, helped me manage those issues. He has also taught me a better way of living, healthy living, that includes diet and exercise. He is very caring, attentive, thorough, and addresses all questions/concerns equally, no matter how minor the issue. I am very comfortable with Dr. Josephs and feel there is nothing I cannot go to him with. He can be reached any time and returns phone calls/emails promptly. Thank you Dr. Josephs, it's been a wonderful experience!

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G., MD Feb 20, 2014

i have been fortunate to have many terrific physicians. Dr. Josephs is the best of the best. He is always willing to go the extra mile to be sure you get the best care possible. Recently my prescription plan stopped providing a medication on which I depend. They offered an alternative which while it works is not nearly as effective for my situation. Dr. Josephs did not take the easy way and just say you can use the new medication. Instead he spent his time and his staffs time to prepare the paperwork making the case for an exception to removing this medication from the list of medications available to me. He was successful and now I can continue to receive the medicine that works best for me. This is just one of the many experiences I have had with Dr. Josephs that makes him the best physician you could possibly have. Bottom line he cares and he a modern physician with old fashion principles.

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Walter and Barbara, PA Feb 19, 2014

Dr. Josephs is a positive influence in our lives. He is always there when needed, and responds promptly. It is a comfort to know that he follows up when there is an emergency or any type of problem. We feel very fortunate to have him as our doctor.

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Joanna, MD Feb 12, 2014

It's great to have the time needed to really discuss everything going on with my health. Dr. Josephs is a good listener and very thorough. He and his office staff make it very easy to schedule appointments, get prescriptions, and communicate in general. Thank you!

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Linda, MD Feb 11, 2014

Dr.Josephs discovered an iffy mole located on my arm 7 years ago. I had barely noticed it, as it was located in a hard- to- see location. He advised me to follow up with a dermatologist immediately. I took his advice, and learned I had a very thin melanoma. I had surgery 2 weeks later to remove the mole along with a large margin. Thank goodness he noticed this, or the outcome could have been much worse! Thank you Dr. Josephs!

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Kathleen Jan 30, 2013

I had smoked for over 40 years and through the patience and encouragement of Dr. Josephs, I have been smoke free for two years. He worked with me for quite a while until I was finally able to make the commitment. Dr. Josephs never judged me when I struggled with the decision. He very honestly and compassionately gave me the information that helped me to stop smoking. When I see him now he still will congratulate me by telling me what a great job I'm doing staying quit. I'm so thankful to Dr. Josephs for his care of, and concern for, my health. I am very fortunate to have found such a wonderful physician and am grateful that I was invited to join MDVIP. Thank you Dr. Josephs.

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ARIAN Jan 29, 2013


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