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Edward, FL Feb 20, 2015

Doctor availability, No waiting, No rush appointments, a re all great.

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Angie, FL Feb 25, 2014

Behind every great doctor there is a great woman. And we know who it is. We both come to your office feeling lousy but your professioal manner and careful analysis allows us to leave feeling lifted. Angie loves him like a son. We could pile on many accolades but there is a 5,000 character limit.

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Susan, GA Feb 23, 2014

My doctor is one of a kind ,.he is what the word doctor means, he gives personal care like it use to be in the good ol days, not rushed caring . When I am 1,000 miles away and being rushed by ambulance to another hospital I called him because I was scared and didn't trust the other care I was in , he immediately called me back. Who would do that now a days ?. That's the kind of doctor I want

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