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Richard Hart, Jr. MD, FACC

Bea, VA Feb 23, 2014

I first met Dr. Hart over 40 years ago when he was caring for my elderly mother. He was so kind and compassionate, you could tell he genuinely cared for his patients. She was one of his first patients. He always made me feel like we were a team in her care. I decided then that he would be mine and my husbands doctor as well. Over the years he has become to feel like family after caring for so many different family members. He has now been my doctor for 41 years and I know I can count on him and trust his decisions where my healthcare is concerned. I am always able to get in to see him or get a call back when needed. I never feel rushed in my appointments, he takes his time and addresses all my concerns. Dr. Hart has been such a blessing to not only myself but my entire family as well.

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Richard Hart, Jr. MD, FACC

Russell, VA Feb 15, 2014

The first time I met Dr. Hart, for our interview prior to my joining MDVIP, I mentioned I had some issues with both feet. He didn't hesitate, and wrote on pad the name of a world renowned foot and ankle surgeon at Georgetown University Hospital, Dr. Paul Cooper. Well, thankfully I went to Dr. Cooper because my internist prior to Dr. Hart had misdiagnosed the ailment with my feet, and Dr. Cooper successfully operated on both feet later in the year. Dr. Hart is one of the most professional, skilled, compassionate, knowledgeable, and good natured physicians I've ever known, and unfortunately, I've seen a lot of physicians in my life, from Yale to Columbia to Cornell-Weil to the Mayo Clinic. And now Georgetown!

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Richard Hart, Jr. MD, FACC

Earl, VA Feb 7, 2014

I feel that I owe Dr. Hart, for saving my life (2) twice., first, when he recommended stents, and later when he recommended a pace maker, nearly 5 years ago. He is a man of great foresight.

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