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Saman Lashkari, MD

Alfred, CA Feb 18, 2015

It was Sunday evening, about 7: PM, when my wife called me into the bedroom. She had gone to bed a few hours earlier because of back pain, and was using a heating pad. She showed me her back, and I was shocked. A huge area on her back was bright red, there were huge blisters, and some dark gray areas. I immediately called Dr. Lashkari on his after-hours cell phone. He asked me to photograph the wound and e-mail it to him. When he received the pictures, he confirmed 2nd and 3rd degree burns, and called in a prescription to my local pharmacy, and set up an appointment for 9:30 the following morning. I was well pleased with his quick action and concern which has prevented major suffering for my wife.

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Saman Lashkari, MD

Sheila, CA Dec 2, 2014

Being retired and on a fixed income at the present time, it was a difficult decision at first financially when Dr. Lashkari joined MDVIP. Soon after we thought about it we came up with our choice as we could not bare to lose the doctor we depend on so much for managing our healthcare at our older age. He is such a good listener and has researched difficult situations with special illnesses and found what is best for us. He is easy to talk to, always prompt and his staff is so nice. Could not bare to lose him

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Saman Lashkari, MD

Barbara, CA Mar 6, 2014

A little over a year ago I became a patient of Dr. Lashkari. My husband had been seeing Dr. Lashkari for many years and always got such excellent care, so I decided to make the switch. I also thought it would be good for us to go to the same doctor. My first issue was high blood pressure. I had been on medication previously and Dr. Lashkari could have told me just to take more, but he said he wanted to know why it was higher. I went through a number of tests that provided baselines for the future and some issues to watch. In the end he did land up increasing my current blood pressure medications. I am a person who like to know WHY something is, so this works well for me. Not long after, I fell and hurt my spine, Dr. Lashkari was able to get MRI results faster than lightening, and I did not have to worry whether there was a break or just bruising. His demeanor is friendly and I have an easy time talking to him. He listens well and doesnt belittle any of my off the wall complaints. I really like the ability to communicate with him, and his ability to communicate and coordinate care with the specialists I see. He has also recommended specialists when I have needed them, so far his recommendations have been excellent. I have had many little questions in the last year that did not merit the time for an office visit, instead I have been able to communicate through his portal and get answers quickly. This puts my inquiring mind at rest. I am a registered dietitian/nutritionist and currently run a food manufacturing company with our son. From my background, I am able to understand a lot of medical terms and conditions and I always want to know the details. A large part of my ability to overcome my problems is by understanding them. I know that Dr. Lashkari will be there to help me get the answers. This creates a lot of comfort and makes me feel better both physically and mentally. I think its very exciting that Dr. Lashkari is becoming an MDVIP physician. He wants his practice to be small enough to give his patients the time they need and the resources to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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