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Nie, MT May 18, 2015


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Nie, FL May 18, 2015

I love MDVIP

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Rochelle, FL Feb 27, 2014

Dear Dr. Rayborn, I am writing you this letter of gratitude, since the request from the VIP center got lost on my computer. They asked me to express how I feel about you, as my physician. The words are difficult but the feelings are deep. We met under difficult, emergency, medical circumstances when I was admitted to Bethesda East Hospital a year ago. I did not know if I had a future. Most people do not love going to a doctor but my fear is extreme. Dr. Rayborn, you made me feel as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. You are knowledgeable, patient, and caring. Through this entire year I have returned for a number of follow-ups and I received the same care from those in your office. I cannot say enough about the entire Rayborn team. Dr. Raybor,n you are truly a treasure. My husband and I are so grateful to you. Sincerely,

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