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Brooks S. Lide III, MD

Richard Mar 20, 2016

On business trip to Indonesia, picked up a nasty intestinal distress. Brooks took my late night in the US call to give 2nd opinion on local doctor. His advice right on money. Several years ago, I broke my hip in bike accident and had to be transferred from another ER. Brooks was waiting in ambulance bay with Orthopaedic surgeon to make sure care was coordinated. Brooks is a class act in all his dealings.

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Brooks S. Lide III, MD

Leon, GA Mar 19, 2016

Dr Lide was a high school student at The Westmnster Schools where I taught for over 30 yrs. He was very smart and when he became a doctor a good number of the teachers began going to him. He was very competent and likable! l have been very pleased with him for a number of years s my doctor.

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