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Archie, TN Oct 7, 2015

I interviewed Dr. Thompson before ever suggesting him to my 84 year old father. Wow, what an interview! Since then Dr. Thompson has surpassed and exceeded all expectations. I could go on and on, but I will summarize by saying all the stuff they say they will do, they do. Dr. Thompson spends time with my dad, which is what he really needs right now. Thank you Dr. for caring for my aging parent.

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Mike, TN Oct 15, 2014

Dr. Thompson has been my primary care doctor for many years. He is also the primary care doctor for my wife. He has helped me tremendously as I have dealt with ulcerative colitis, Crohn's and other health challenges. He is compassionate and very knowledgeable. He takes the time to talk with us and he explains highly-technical things to us in ways we can understand. He truly wants to help people get better when they are ill, and he wants us to have the greatest health possible. He's the best.

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Sam, TN Oct 10, 2014

A caring and professional relationship has continued for the past forty years with Dr. Thompson - knowing that I can reach him if the need arises gives me comfort and peace of mind.

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Kathleen, TN Oct 8, 2014

Dr.Thompson is not only by doctor, he is my friend, and has been for about 40+/-years. I have told him he can't retire until I die. He is the reason I am in the MDVIP program. I go where he goes. Dr. Thompson has always had the time to see me for what ever the problem. He always takes the time to find the problem....emotional or physical. He has a base of colleagues who doctor under the same principles, so when he recommends a specialist, you know you will get treated in the same manner. He doesn't leave it there, you're not his problem anymore you can be sure he is following up and making sure you are getting the treatment he expects. God put an Angle on earth and he called him : Dr. John G. Thompson Jr.

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Ralph, TN Feb 23, 2014

John Thompson has been the primary care physician for my wife, Rae, and me for many years. As he became affiliated with MDVIP, Rae would not change to another physician within the Heritage Group so we both are still his patients. He has served us in a wonderful way for all of this time. With MDVIP, he can take more time to spend with us and discuss and analyze our health and medical needs, medicines, etc. We so appreciate his friendship, kindness, and thoughtful attention shown to us during our visits to his office for physicals and other medical problems that happen from time to time. He is always available when we feel that we need him. We trust him with our health!

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Henry and Ruby, TN Feb 10, 2014

Dr. John Thompson is simply the best. He is very professional, experienced, knowledgeable, personable and caring. If he is confronted with an issue with which he is uncertain, he will do research to find an appropriate and effective course of action. He is always available to be seen in the office same day or next. He is available via office phone, email or cell phone. My wife and I are among the very first patients of his to encourage his move to the MDVIP concept and to sign up. We are very pleased and feel that the relationship has improved our lives and lifestyle. Thank you, Dr. Thompson.

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Milton, TN Feb 10, 2014

On a visit to Daytona Beach, FL I became ill and was wanting to go home. My wife called Dr. Thompson and he told her to take me to an emergency clinic to get me evaluated. When the doctor completed the tests I asked him now can I go home? He replied that he did not think I would survive the trip and recommended that I go to the hospital to get the treatment I needed to get me in condition to make the trip. At the hospital I was diagnosed with double pneumonia, congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, fluid in my ears that made me practically deaf, and pinkeye in one eye. I was in the hospital six days before they thought I was in good enough condition to make the trip home. Arrangements were made to have oxygen in the car, at the motel on the way home and at home when I got there. Thanks to the good advise from Dr. Thompson I am still making trips.

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Ed, TN Feb 8, 2014

Dr. Thompson has been and is a Super doctor that listens to his patients,and does his best to help with whatever problems they have.Although I don't take any meds or have any ongoing illnesses, he gives good advice to keep me on track. I'm very fortunate to be one of his patients. Thank you Dr. Thompson!

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Robert, TN Feb 8, 2014

One Saturday morning I found that I was out of one of my medications. At 11:20 am I called Dr. Thompson's office, not expecting to find him there on a Saturday, but hoping to get the message relayed to him that I was in need of a prescription. Dr. Thompson answered the phone. I told him of my need and he told me that he had some samples that I could have. So I said I would come and get them and he said that he was leaving in 20 minutes but to give him my address he would deliver them, which he did. It took a very special person to do that. This took place before Dr. Thompson was affiliated with MDVIP, as now I would have sent him an email or called his cell phone. Since he joined MDVIP I've sent him several emails. He's answered them all with a couple of hours. I've shared that with several friends and they are amazed.

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Jimmy, TN Feb 7, 2014

Being under the care of Dr. Thompson gives me great peace of mind. I know that I can call him whenever I need him. I know that he knows more about my body and my health than I do. He is also very encouraging to me about healthy lifestyles through exercise and proper diet. I think he will maximize my days on this earth!

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John, TN Feb 7, 2014

I'll have to say I don't have to go to or call a Doctor very often and I attribute that to Dr. Thompson being such a caring and responsive doctor. He is always there when you need him and responds within minutes if you call. Thank You Dr. Thompson for being my Doctor!!! Your the Best

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Josephine, TN Feb 6, 2014

Dr. Thompson has been my primary care doctor for 30+ years. It has been my pleasure to have him oversee my health care needs. He not only is a skilled, dedicated professional, he exhibits a sincere spirit of care and concern. Having this opportunity to publicly thank him, reminds me of how blessed I have been to have him as my doctor for so many years. My prayer is that God will continue to bless him as he continues to care for me and so many others.

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