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Kim E. Scott, MD

Dick, UT Feb 16, 2017

While in Istanbul, Turkey, my wife and our friend's wife (an MDVIP patient also with Dr. Scott) both became very painfully ill. Because of the time difference, I waited until 6 am MT before calling Dr. Scott. She answered immediately. After a description of the symptoms, she gave me the name of a medicine as well as the medicine's formula so that a foreign pharmacy could get it right. She added to call her back with any news. The medicine was successful and both ladies got better. Having travelled all over the world, the comfort of having the ability to contact Dr. Scott when needed is comforting and gives one a sense of well-being. I hope she never retires!

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Robert M. Holtzin, DO

Tom, NJ Feb 15, 2017

How many Doctors actually listen? Dr. Holtzin does. He cares and you can tell it. Spends a lot of time and is very thoughtful before taking action. His personality alone makes me feel better when I visit. No issue is too small. Always follows through. Wouldn't go anywhere else. Never rushed and he is always available. Some people say it is too expensive. They may spend thousands of dollars on drinking, smoking or bad habits but do not invest in their own health. I don't drink or smoke... instead I invest in a personal Concierge Doctor and friend.

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Andrew N. Muller, Jr, MD

LEAH Feb 14, 2017


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James C. Heron, MD

robert Feb 13, 2017

very through, attentive, cares and also caring form will not print other ratings all are 5 he does a very good job and his staff is perfect

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Anthony J. Ross, MD

Glenn, NE Feb 10, 2017

I can't say enough good things about my doctor Anthony Ross. He has helped me so much with my diabetes issues. And being part of MDVIP has been awesome as well. It's good to know that wherever I'm traveling, I can find a medical provider.

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Barbara B. Padilla, MD

Jonathan Feb 9, 2017

I'm from a medical family. My late father was a Rheumatologist and my mother is a retired nurse. I grew up in an MD dominated neighborhood in the 1960's and 1970's and received physicians courtesy medicine until my early adult life. It wasn't until late in life that I realized how special my medical care was back then. As I have aged and the world of medicine / health insurance changed dramatically, I became frustrated with not receiving the time, attention, and answers from my In-Network Primary Care Physician. I live a very active, healthy lifestyle but still have a few minor chronic medical issues. I decided that I wanted an MD to act as my advocate and quarterback for coordinating all of my medical care. Someone whom I could gently challenge and as a patient have a say in my plan of care. A client of mine told me about Concierge medicine and MDVIP in particular. I had an initial meet and greet consultation with Dr. Padilla in May 2015. She spent more than 40 minutes with me just asking questions with an interest in getting to know me, my general medical history, and more importantly my expectations from her and MDVIP. As a patient, I can tell you that Dr. Padilla has wonderful bed side manner, welcomes her patients input and detailed questions, is bright and engaging, and is very accommodating to work with.

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Milan Wister, MD

Sylvia Feb 1, 2017

I think the WORLD of Dr. Wister. He was referred to me almost 17 years ago by a friend and I have been thrilled ever since. He gives the most thorough exams, covering everything with such detail. I was happy with him before he joined MDVIP and love his practice now. He sits down with me before every exam to talk about all my concerns, then personally walks me into the exam room where he gives me a comprehensive exam. Then I spend a lot of time in his consult room where spends a good deal of time going over his exam, reports, labs and all. He is very detailed and clear with all of the information. I have a son-in-law who is also an internist in California and Dr. Wister never hesitates to update him and consult with him when I ask him to. He is kind, thoughtful, caring, asks about my family, involves my family when necessary and with my consent. He and his staff are always accommodating. When I have needed to see him the same day, he has always seen me, regardless of his schedule. His new office in Pikesville is beautiful and very calming. You just can't help but feel comfortable being there. Just love him.

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Milan Wister, MD

Barbara, MD Feb 1, 2017

I can not express enough how strongly I believe how excellent a physician Dr. Wister is. He has been my physician since 1989. He has diagnosed many acute and chronic ailments over the years and is a great diagnostician. He is very attentive and is always available when I need to be seen. He gives as much time as necessary during visits. I have many specialists and he is on top of coordinating my care with all of them. I have referred all of my friends to him and they feel the same. His staff are very friendly. My calls are always returned, prescriptions are filled. Again, I can not say enough. I would recommend him to anyone. I am now in my nineties and it is because of him!

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John G. Barnes, MD

Judith, VA Jan 27, 2017

When I joined the MDVIP Program in early 2013 at the milestone age of 65, I knew the time had finally arrived for me to focus on my own health. For so many years, I had cared for all other family members, but, never me. I couldnt recall back then when I had ever had a truly meaningful physical examination, much less an annual physical. After caring for an ailing mother and helping my husband recover from a heart attack, I began to realize the importance of my own health, but didnt really know what to do and how to do it. Joining Dr. John Barnes MDVIP practice has provided me with a far better understanding of a healthy approach to life. The program membership has been an extremely valuable investment. The annual physical, various diagnostic testing, and a wellness plan just for me guided by Dr. Barnes have all attributed to my overall health. And for the first time, I feel like I have a partner in my well-being. With Dr. Barnes interest and concern, I personally feel compelled to do a better job as a patient. Thats not to say that I will always select an apple over chocolate, but, as a MDVIP Program member with Dr. Barnes as partner, I will be more responsible and focused on my own health!

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Ralph A. Lanza, MD, FACP

Francis, PA Jan 25, 2017

Dr. Ralph Lanza MD is without doubt someone my wife and I completely trust with our healthcare. We can't give a higher compliment than that. When you combine his capabilities with the additional resources provided by MDVIP we now have everything we are looking for regarding our healthcare. We never feel rushed and the quality of care is consistently superb.

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Sandra D.M. Bruno, MD

JOHNNIE Jan 22, 2017

She is always there when I need help with anything. Dr Bruno is so much more to me than just my doctor she is a great friend to me and my wife she is always there for us. Thank you so much

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Steven Billet, MD, FACP

fred Jan 18, 2017

With Indonesia in Mar/Apr, Madagascar in Aug/Sept, Utah-USA in Oct/Nov-2016 & Hawaii & Japan planned for 2017, this 83-84-year old is benefiting from MDVIP's Extra-Services For an out-of-this-world experience, see the URL below (that I was suited-up for in the accompanying photo. SEE:

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