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John G. Ramsbottom Jr., MD

Margaret (Midge), SC Apr 25, 2017

It is a very comfortable atmosphere at the office. Everyone is very friendly. Charlene is very caring and patient and calming giving the different tests for the wellness exam. It is thorough and Dr. Ramsbottoms explanation of the results are very understandable. He takes time to ask if I have any questions or concerns. The time allowed is more than sufficient an never rushed. I feel very comfortable contacting the doctor at any time when I need medical help.

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Irina Borissova, MD

Michael, SC Apr 24, 2017

Two years ago, I moved to Beaufort, SC, and had put off finding a new family physician to send my records to. A few months after my move, I became very ill and decided to go to the local minor emergency clinic since I had still not selected a family Dr. From a stool sample, I was told I had contracted Clostridium difficile or C-diff a bacterial infection with symptoms of watery diarrhea and abdominal pain. C-diff can range from mild to life-threatening - mine was bordering on life-threatening. Calling local physicians, I was told that as a new patient, I could be seen in 30-45 days at the earliest. This was unsatisfactory to me as I was feeling worse. The PA at the minor emergency clinic mentioned a Dr. she was familiar with who was taking new patients but under a concierge plan where an annual fee was due up front. Without any option except going to the emergency room and after hearing good things about this Dr., I called and got an appointment in the next few days as a new patient. Although my c-diff was finally getting under control from medication, Dr. Irina Borissova has done an outstanding job in improving my overall health. She immediately focused on my gut, finding out what foods I regularly ate and explaining the critical importance of a healthy diet, recommending a different way of eating along with some supplements. My digestive problems have disappeared. And my annual physical exam is the most complete I have ever had. During my first one, Dr. Borissova had read all of my previous medical records and was able to quickly identify any problem areas. During my 2 years as a member of MD VIP, I have had 2 occasions where I called with a problem and was seen the same day. My health is of utmost importance to me and the fee I pay is the best investment I make each year. I cannot recommend Dr. Irina Borissova enough - she has made such a huge positive impact on my health and has given me what is hard to find today in medicine - quality time.

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Kenneth R. Barmach, MD

Paul, PA Apr 24, 2017

Previously, I've submitted several surveys indicating my complete satisfaction with the medical care that I have been receiving from Kenneth Barmach and his staff. Nothing has changed - I remain totally satisfied.

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Daniel R. Lumian, MD

Martha Apr 23, 2017

Dr. Lumian has been our doctor for nearly 36 years and I feel very blessed that he has been our family doctor. Whenever a medical situation has arisen, whether minor or major, the minute we see his face, we know we will be okay. This is how much faith we have in him. Thank you, Dr. Dan, for everything you do for us!

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Paul E. Bristol, MD

William Apr 23, 2017

feel new medications prescribed by my physician may add years to my life and give me hope of achieving my health goals could not have done it alone, MDVIP gives doctor the TIME needed to understand my needs and set up a way to get back into good health

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John G. Barnes, MD

LINDA Apr 23, 2017

For the first time in my long life, I have found a physician that I am finally comfortable with in sharing details about how I feel inside and out. Dr. Barnes has helped me to become more aware of my own decisions about my health and have learned that physical and mental health, for me, are entangled. I am a widow and wish to be as healthy as I can be so that I can live an independent life for many years. Dr. Barnes has always rooted for me, which encourages me to do better for my next visit. I am very healthy and don't have to make appointments often but when I do, I am always comforted and encouraged by Dr. Barnes. Although Dr. Barnes exudes professionalism, his sincere mannerisms and ability to breakdown lab results in a clear and simple language for me, his patient, is a gift that is not present with many Physicians and I hope to have Dr. Barnes as my Physician for years to come. Thank you, Dr. Barnes. You are not just my Physician; you have worn many hats - my counselor, cheerleader, comforter and I also feel humbled to call you ,my friend.

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Michael Karing, MD

blaine Apr 23, 2017

Dr. Karing is an excellent Dr. and very interested in his patient's wellbeing. His staff is caring and respectful. I recommend to any patient seeking a new Physician. -Blaine, Irving, TX.

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Mark S. Reiter, MD

Jerrie Apr 22, 2017

Dr Reiter You are the best, I appreciated your caring and concerns. I can always depend on you. Thank you so much for being my doctor for so many years

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Bill Lovell, MD

Ron Apr 21, 2017

I've been seeing Dr. Lovell for many years now, even before he joined the MDVIP Group. He's a great person, personable, and extremely knowledgeable in medicine. Although I only visit with him during my annual checkup, it's always a pleasure to talk to him as he explains the status of my health and he keeps me on track for a healthy future.

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Wesley J. Chang, MD

Carol, CA Apr 20, 2017

2 days after arriving in South Africa for a 23 day trip, my husband experienced pain and swelling in his jaw. He was unable to open his mouth. Even though there was an 9 hr. difference, I was able to discuss needed procedures and possible diagnosis. He approved the antibiotic chosen by a local Dentist. During this same trip, my husband had a stone in his bladder that wouldn't pass. Being able to communicate with Dr. Chang was a source of comfort the whole trip.

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Jacqueline N. Romero, DO

Mary, FL Apr 20, 2017

Dr. Romero is fantastic. She is very proactive and I feel that I am in very good hands.

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Michael Karing, MD

Blaine, TX Apr 20, 2017

Excellent Dr! I'm moving out of state is the only reason for leaving. Dr. Karing Is one of the Best Doctors I've ever had. I highly recommend him. His staff is extremely helpful and caring.

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