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Karen R. Smith, MD

Marie Oct 25, 2016

I feel safer now. Although I am 83 and in good health, I know I will be better taken care of as I get even older. My children are so pleased with my decision because she will be more available when they need to consult with her. They thought this was a great decision.

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Patricia A. North, MD

Thomas Oct 25, 2016

I like my doctor a lot. She shows she cares by spending valuable time with me during annual physical appointments and for follow-ups. She makes sure I understand what she is saying; because my actions (slip-ups) don't indicate that I do. She has patience with me, which I don't deserve (but I love that she does). I will to do better because I know that she wills that I do also. She's the best!

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Karen R. Smith, MD

Marie Oct 25, 2016

l love the doctor's availability. Although my health is good now, I'm 83 and feel reassured about the quality of care I'll receive later. It makes feel safe. My children and their spouses were so pleased when I signed up with Dr. Smith. They know the taking care of me later will be easer because of the type of practice I'm involved in.

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Dale J. Ritzo, MD

Nancy Oct 23, 2016

I have been a patient of Dr. Ritzo's for 12 years. During those years, he has taken exceptional care of me while taking care of so many other patients. Honestly, the care I received from Dr. Ritzo after joining MDVIP was exactly like his care before joining. There is no one word that can sum up his excellence,....well, maybe excellence is the right word. His office staff always make sure that they do their part as well. Unfortunately, I have moved out of the area and there are no MDVIP doctors available however Dr. Ritzo has raised the bar pretty high so finding another doctor has been disappointing. He truly is the definition of a doctor. Thank you Dr. Ritzo.

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Lila T. McConnell, MD

Norma Oct 22, 2016

Dr McConnell has been my primary physician for about 10 years now. I have a history of cardiovascular disease in my family and she has done a great job of getting my blood pressure and cholesterol levels down to healthy levels. Equally importantly, she has always treated with courtesy, respect, and genuine concern for my health and well being. She's always on time and always has a smile. I couldn't ask for a more capable and caring doctor.

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Nami Khulusi, MD

Elliot Oct 19, 2016

Dr Nami Khulusi is an absolutely a brilliant physician. There are no words that I can find to describe the medical knowledge this man has. I'm originally from NY and have traveled quite extensively. He is without a doubt a world class physician. He is far superior than the Dr's I have seen on Park Ave and Fifth Ave in NY.The MDVIP fees associated with his practice is worth it a hundred times over.I highly recommend Dr Khulusi to anyone who is seeking an internal medicine dr of the highest caliber. The MDVIP program is a small price to pay considering he is a phone call away, 24/7, 365 days a year. If you are looking for the ultimate medical care, Dr Khulusi is your man. I trust him with my life as well as every member of my household. I would give him 10 stars if that choice was available.He, along with the MDVIP program, is the best medical choice I've ever made.

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Harry W. Kaplan, MD

bernice Oct 18, 2016

I have used dr, harry Kaplan for aprox 20 yrs. amazing , kind, patient , incrediable, and always right on the movie, always right on about my medical problems.

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Leo C. Tynan, MD

Patsy, TX Oct 18, 2016

Dr. Tynan became my MVIP Dr. when my husband and I started the process of building a home and moving to Fredericksburg several years. ago My story become unique because during that time my husband became very ill and had major heart surgery in Houston where he was in the hospital for 3 months.He is now on a heart transplant list It was difficult on me and since his release and our eventual move into our new home, my new life has become one of a caretaker. Dr. Tynan has been patient and compassionate in understanding the challenges and changes that I am going through and helpful in suggesting ways to better handle some situations. This lifestyle change has put strain on my health and I am so appreciative that I never have to wait to get an appointment to be seen by Dr. Tynan. He always has time to listen to me and I never feel like I am being rushed out of the office. His nurses Jenna Beth and Lindsey are both efficient, upbeat and I never feel like just another patient. I feel like they all know who I am and understand and remember my situation with my husband and that they really care about making a difference in my life.. At 68 yrs. old I did not expect to need the emotional and physical support as a caregiver, but I was wrong and I was lucky to be enrolled with MDVIP when I was blindsided during this time that I have needed help. My husband has been on the transplant list for one year and can stay on the list for two more years, so it is a very emotional time under our roof...

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David M. Clifford, MD, DABFP

Mary Oct 17, 2016

After seeing the same Doctor for 37 years, I moved across town and visited my daughter's Doctor. I felt at ease there and came to appreciate the care I have received over the years. Dr. Clifford and his staff have never rushed me through an appointment, and he has always listened to me about whatever problems I have. I was in such pain and unable to walk on January 3, 2016, a Sunday, that we thought I would have to go to the ER. My daughter called Dr. Clifford and he said he would be over soon. He made a house call to come see what was the issue. He assessed me and we determined that he would get us in to see an orthopedic specialist the next day. So by virtue of his coming immediately I was saved from a hospital visit, and over the next days I received the true diagnosis that lead to eventual relief from my pain and immobility. I so appreciate his professional abilities and personal caring.

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Eileen M. Hoffman, MD, FACP

Barbara Oct 8, 2016

Dr Hoffman saved my life twice. In both cases she moved like lightening to connect me with the right specialists and to schedule scans the next day that found dangerous problems. Without those actions - twice - I might not be alive today. Dr Hoffman has been my doctor for more than 30 years, and I am grateful to her and her wonderful team, Giselle and Tina.

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Kevin W. Turner, MD

Dwayne Oct 3, 2016

Has improved my outlook on life and my health 1000 x over.

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Kevin W. Turner, MD

Susan Oct 3, 2016

I had recently lost my husband when I came on board with Dr. Turner. He and his staff have been supportive of my loss and Dr. Turner has been working with me to program my new life as a widower with positive suggestions on eating habits, exercise and mental health. I am taking baby steps to gain confidence in myself and am already enjoying new adventures all on my own. Thank you for being there then and now and in the future for me!!!!

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