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In 2003 a new weight loss fad began emerging—high protein diets. For a while, these high-protein, low-carb diets seemed like the Holy Grail of weight loss. Over time, many people found these diets difficult to sustain and associated with some health issues. The diets fell out of favor as a… See more
For those of you eating Paleo and wondering how it stacks up scientifically, here's a bit of data, courtesy of Mark Sisson. 1. A population of Australian aborigines living the typical "city" life were asked to revert to a traditional aboriginal diet consisting of primarily animals and plants. This… See more
Eating the right foods for your heart is especially important if you have atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ACSVD), which occurs when plaque builds up in your arteries. A heart-healthy diet can also help prevent ACSVD. But if you’re confused about what to put in your grocery cart, you’re not… See more
Back in the day, all you had to do to get your nutrients was to eat a healthy diet. However, we’re living in an age of fast foods, processed meals and GMOs, which is why primary care physicians have begun recommending supplements to maintain optimal health.

But the dizzying array of… See more
The mysterious microbes in your belly (yes, there’s a veritable germ farm living in your digestive track) may actually be the key to your good health. Called the gut microbiome, these bacteria are thought to affect many of your body's systems and its risk for certain diseases - even for conditions… See more
More and more people are focusing on brain health and with good reason. As Americans live longer, age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s are rising. According to AARP’s 2015 survey 93 percent of Americans consider brain health important but few know how to improve or maintain it. And while many… See more
In light of the recently published STALL (Statins and Almonds to Lower Lipoproteins) trial, I would like to use this forum to discuss some of the health benefits of nuts and seeds. The results of this study are important as they suggested that regularly consuming almonds help reduce the amount of… See more
Now that it's late February, many New Year’s resolutions have probably fallen by the wayside. However, I hope that everyone can remain committed to just a few small changes throughout 2016 which may improve your health, wellbeing and life expectancy. For instance, this year, resolve to break your "… See more

Most of us love our starches and we usually eat plenty of them during the holiday season. Starches are complex carbohydrates that provide the body and gut bacteria with energy. It’s important to understand how many carbohydrates your body needs and that some types of starches… See more
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