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You’ve heard it many times: limit your intake of highly processed foods. You know the fast, ready-to-eat convenient foods with a long list of hard to pronounce ingredients. Some are easy to recognize -- soft drinks (including diet soda), fast food menu items and packaged baked goods, to name a few… See more
Put down your fork and listen: Eating a heart-healthy diet isn’t hard. It might seem confusing with all the “eat-this, not-that” magazine articles, fad diets and best-selling nutrition books, but here’s all you really need to know: The Mediterranean, Ornish and DASH diets are the best diets for… See more
For decades, the advice on dietary fat was clear – steer clear of saturated fat, the type commonly found in meats, whole-fat dairy products and coconuts. But over the last few years, that advice regarding no-dairy diets has been turned on its head.… See more
A 43-year-old Israeli flight attendant recently contracted measles, leading to encephalitis (brain inflammation) and a coma. While a measles outbreak is currently affecting nearly half of U.S. states, most people being infected haven’t been vaccinated. What’s different about the Israeli flight… See more
Americans love fried food. About 33 percent of American adults eat fast-food, usually fried, every day. Fried chicken, Buffalo wings, fried fish, French fries, tacos and tortillas — it's a long list and heavy in America's favorite foods. Favorite or not, eating fried foods raises the risk for… See more
How many push-ups can you do? It may sound like an arbitrary question, but it turns out the number of push-ups you can do may be tied to your future risk of a heart attack, according to a study published in JAMA Network… See more
For many, yoga is the ultimate low-impact exercise. But yoga isn’t for everyone. Read on to find out if yoga is really right for you.

Effects of Yoga on the Joints

Good: It’s easy on your joints. 
Yoga can help improve strength, balance and coordination without… See more
Over the last decade, experts have told us getting seven to eight hours of sleep every night can help protect us against heart disease. Ever wondered why? Researchers think they might have the answer. Healthy, sound sleep triggers a mechanism designed to protect your arteries, according to a study… See more
Stress -- you can’t escape it. And it can wreak havoc on blood pressure. Exercise, meditation and hobbies are common, effective stress busters. So is having a social support system of friends and relatives. But if they’re not available,… See more
You’re probably aware of the toll everyday stress takes on your health. Headaches, weight gain, insomnia – the list goes on and on. But you may not realize how stress affects your oral health. People with greater… See more
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