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If you’ve ever experienced a kidney stone, you know first-hand just how excruciating painful they can be. Despite being a largely preventable condition, kidney stones are quite common. Each year more than 3 million people visit their doctor or the emergency room seeking treatment for stones,… See more
Plant-based diets are credited with preventing, treating and even reversing cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. For a dedicated omnivore, plant-based proteins probably don’t sound very appealing. Who wants to swap a T-bone steak for a mushroom-lentil loaf?  But a new… See more
High doses of vitamin D may quickly ease arterial stiffness in certain overweight, vitamin-deficient populations, according to a recent study conducted by the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University. Arterial stiffness can in crease your risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke, dementia… See more
Catching the flu may have more serious consequences than a few weeks in bed: It can trigger heart attacks, according to a new study published by The New England Journal of Medicine.  Medical experts have suspected a connection between the flu (and other respiratory illnesses) and heart… See more
You probably crave salty food from time to time -- whether it’s crunchy potato chips or a slice of pizza. A wide range of variables can trigger a salt craving, throwing a monkey wrench into your diet. But there’s good news: Eating spicy foods can curb your salt cravings, according to a study… See more
You’re sneezing, coughing and long for your bed. Is it a cold, which will probably clear up in a couple of days? Or is it the flu, which will sideline you for weeks? As many as 20 percent of Americans catch the flu annually, leading to about 200,000 hospitalizations and between 3,000 and 4,000… See more
The American diet is notorious for processed meals, salty foods and sugary drinks. In fact, more than 80 percent of Americans eat too many refined grains and sugars and not enough fruits and vegetables, according to an NPR poll conducted in 2016. Baby boomers are no exception. While they have been… See more
Influenza, commonly referred to “the flu” is a highly contagious respiratory virus with many different strains. Flu shots are an obvious strategy to help prevent the flu, yet only about 40 percent of Americans get a flu vaccine each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention… See more
As the days shorten during the winter, the longer spans of darkness may leave you feeling a little down, even gloomy. This is known as the “winter blues” or seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  What’s seasonal affective disorder? Psychology Today sums it up as a form of episodic depression… See more
For years high blood pressure was defined as a reading of 140/90 or higher. Now 130/80 or higher is considered high or hypertensive, according to new scientific guidelines released by the… See more
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