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If you’re a walker, you’ve probably heard the recommendation to walk 10,000 steps (or about five miles) every day for health. Did you ever wonder how experts arrived at this amount?  Not through science. The original concept came from a 1964 Japanese marketing campaign to promote an early… See more
When it comes to your heart, being obese is a real killer. Researchers have known for years that obesity raises the risk of heart failure for men (11 percent) and women (14 percent), but a new study shows that for some women, being… See more
Depression is often thought of as a women’s health issue. Women are almost twice as likely as men to experience symptoms of depression, according to the Office on Women’s Health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  But the truth is: Depression also affects men and in large numbers… See more
Most men aren’t too concerned about their own bone density. Understandably so. Bone thinning affects far more women than men. Take hips for example. Hip osteopenia is prevalent in 56 percent of women and 18 percent of men… See more
For decades, Alzheimer’s researchers have faced a major challenge in treating early stages of the disease. They could only study the brain after a patient died and the disease spread throughout the brain. But a relatively new imaging technique is giving scientists a window into the development of… See more
For centuries, doctors and public health officials have pointed to Ben Franklin’s famous mantra, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Can you really save money by preventing disease?

What is Preventive Care

Preventive care detects serious diseases at an early stage, before… See more
Irritable bowel syndrome, often known as IBS, is a complex condition that affects the large intestine, causing abdominal pain and digestive issues. It’s believed that the root of IBS… See more
Even if you love your job, work can take a toll on your mental health. Commuter traffic, deadlines and technical glitches — even irksome colleagues — are a part of most people’s daily lives and can cause stress, anxiety and… See more
If you struggle with back pain, you know firsthand how it can diminish your quality of life. If you work, for example, there’s a pretty good chance it’s interfering with your job. Low back pain has been the leading cause of disability since 1990, according to the International Association for the… See more
Covid-19 is a respiratory virus that can damage the heart and blood vessels of many of its survivors. And while some damage may heal on its own, people who’ve had Covid are at increased risk for heart damage, according to a large-scale study published in Nature Medicine. What’s surprising… See more
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