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November 20, 2014
Katie Coombs was the picture of health. Or so she thought. The radio and media personality, business owner and mother of six led an active lifestyle. She ate in moderation and made sure her home was stocked with healthy food. Every year, she had an “executive physical” during which everything… See more
July 29, 2014
When Neil Kaplan walked into the office of internist Dr. Kevin Monahan in Boca Raton, complaining of headaches and facial numbness, the doctor knew from one look at his patient that something wasn’t right. A former competitive hockey player, Mr. Kaplan attributed his symptoms to his dental… See more
March 28, 2014 How does a patient praise the physician who saved his eyesight, or the doctor who braved a snowstorm to care for her or ordered the colonoscopy that detected a tumor – and ultimately saved the patient’s life?  You write a poem, of course – or a letter, or a song, or… See more
February 28, 2014
At 52, Jane Manross was the picture of health – or so she thought. Imagine her shock when she went for her annual wellness exam with her long-time general practitioner, Dr. Jack Yakish – who months earlier had become an MDVIP-affiliated physician – and he… See more
August 14, 2013
The impressive findings of a peer-reviewed collaboration between MDVIP and Cleveland HeartLab were as striking as the study process itself utilizing one of the largest patient screening data sets of its kind. Based on results from laboratory panels of… See more
July 26, 2013
MDVIP CEO Dan Hecht hit the airwaves Wednesday with an important message: Consumers have a choice between health care and sick care. The veteran health care executive was a guest on a national radio satellite media tour. Dan spoke with station hosts in more than 20 cities from New York, Boston and… See more
By Janet Tiberian
May 5, 2013
Many baby boomers consider themselves the model of health. They exercise and watch their diet. They’re aware of cardiovascular disease, heart disease and diabetes, and they try to control their cholesterol and weight. They’re even living longer than their parents did. Yet as baby boomers age, more… See more
March 13, 2013
Much has been written about the satisfaction, improved care and heightened outcomes patients experience in personalized medicine practices. This is especially true for those with chronic or acute conditions like heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes or just the pursuit of optimal health.… See more
January 16, 2013
From the Affordable Care Act and new healthcare laws to consumers improving their own health, Americans are on a mission to cut their healthcare costs – without sacrificing care. A recent study reveals they can get both – and more.

The MDVIP model results in improved outcomes for… See more
January 2, 2013
As the world becomes increasingly reliant on digital gadgets and on-the-go information, health communication is beginning to move in a similar direction. For MDVIP members, the future of healthcare technology starts now – with continuously developing tools like a personalized member portal,… See more
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