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February 17, 2020

Highlights from Kimberly Collins’ Nominations

The wife of a 94-year-old patient who had a recent fall felt his health was declining. She was
scared and unwilling to call 911. Sensing… See more
February 15, 2020
Oprah’s 2019 annual list of favorite things included blue light blocking glasses -- prescription or non-prescription eye wear that filter out blue light on the higher end of the visible light… See more
February 14, 2020
Got milk? Despite the many dietary experts who have for decades been warning Americans of possible health issues tied to drinking milk, a new study claims drinking the dairy staple can slow aging.… See more
February 10, 2020
Many people associate heart disease with men. But heart disease is also a woman’s disease. In fact, more women die from heart attacks each year than men. Heart disease is the leading cause of death… See more
February 4, 2020
The coronavirus continues spreading worldwide and has already infected more than 60,414 people and claimed at least 1,370 … See more
January 23, 2020
A few weeks ago, a mystery illness caused almost 60 people in Wuhan, China to fall ill. The virus has since been identified as coronavirus, and it’s spreading throughout Asia and has now reached the… See more
January 22, 2020
Exercise may be the last thing you want to do when you have osteoarthritis (OA) pain. After all, if you have it in your hip or knee or feet, it hurts to walk. If you have it in your hands, it hurts… See more
January 22, 2020
Osteoarthritis (OA) affects 31 million Americans. It seems there are practically as many “natural remedies” that promise arthritis relief. Unfortunately, most of them, from copper bracelets to apple… See more
January 22, 2020
If you woke up with joint pain this morning, you could be among more than 50 million Americans with arthritis. While there are many types, they often share similar symptoms, including: Pain… See more
January 18, 2020
Achieving your New Year’s resolutions is not an easy feat. If it were, exercising more, losing weight and saving money wouldn’t appear on the top 10 list of resolutions year after year. This is not… See more
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