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April 24, 2019
If you’re at risk for heart disease – or have already had an event — your doctor will probably prescribe medication to lower your risk. He or she may prescribe more than one drug, depending on your… See more
April 26, 2019
When it comes to heart health, eating like an American probably isn’t your best bet. That’s because our diets are high in unhealthy fats, processed foods and lots of carbs. But one diet in particular… See more
April 26, 2019
If you’re like most Americans, you probably have a good idea on what types of exercise is good for your heart: running, swimming, bicycling. In short, cardiovascular exercise – and lots of it. But… See more
Sundus A. Lodhi, MD
April 1, 2019
After a long winter, who doesn't love a beautiful spring day? The warm air, the gentle breezes, fragrant flowers, buzzing bees and ... the sound of sneezing, sniffling and coughing.  Okay, nobody… See more
April 8, 2019
Fish may well be one of our best friends when it comes to staying heart healthy. Why? Because eating a diet rich in fish is linked to lowering our risk of heart attacks and stroke, and in particular… See more
April 12, 2019
Americans love fried food. About 33 percent of American adults eat fast-food, usually fried, every day. Fried chicken, Buffalo wings, fried fish, French fries, tacos and tortillas — it's a long list… See more
April 4, 2019
This braised brisket gets a decidedly wintery feel from the earthy-sweet flavors of carrots, parsnips and rutabaga.


1 tablespoon canola oil
2 pounds flat, first-cut… See more
A Alan Reisinger III MD FACP
March 31, 2019
Did you hear the latest news that eggs are back on the shortlist of “bad” foods for your heart? The Journal of the American Medical Association just published a large study that links… See more
March 15, 2019
When it comes to cardiovascular disease (CVD), members in MDVIP-affiliated practices know a lot. That was one positive takeaway from a national survey of consumers’ understanding of CVD recently… See more
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