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Concierge medicine emerged in the mid-1990s when doctors found the pressure to see dozens of patients every day to be too much. Over the years concierge services have grown to become more affordable f… See more
Doctors speak the same language and having direct communication with other physicians means less is lost in translation or confusion. Concierge medicine models like MDVIP are designed to give primary… See more
Frustrated by the current healthcare system in the United States and impelled by their own health concerns, people are seeking other ways to receive care. Many are drawn to concierge medicine, which o… See more
More and more doctors are growing frustrated with the traditional demands of seeing 30 or more patients per day. Rather than get out completely or continue at this pace, they are switching to concierg… See more
Defined as a subscription-based form of healthcare in which patients pay a fee, so-called concierge medicine can offer advantages that more than justify the cost. Dr. Andrea Klemes, chief medical offi… See more
Concierge medicine is transforming the healthcare landscape of modern-day treatment with its emphasis on helping prevent illness and chronic conditions. An MDVIP-affiliate for more than a decade, Dr.… See more
“You are what you eat” has never rung truer. Dr. Simon Murray, an MDVIP-affiliate and Princeton-based primary care physician, asserts, “If we paid more attention to what we ate, then we would have few… See more
When it comes to seeing your doctor, MDVIP is telling patients “don’t wait.” Don’t wait until you’re not feeling well and don’t wait weeks or hours to be seen by your doctor. Growing from a local Boca… See more
Under the current healthcare system where doctors see upwards of 30 patients a day, primary care doctors don’t have enough time to concentrate on an individual’s overall health goals and needs. Dr. Da… See more
What will your life be like when you turn 100? A century ago the question seemed almost flippant, a needless consideration for most people, but today it's very real. The percentage of people living to… See more
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