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Unless your doctor recommends one for a specific reason, this daily habit may be worth skipping. "For the most part, multivitamins are a poor investment, says Les Emhof, MD, an MDVIP-affiliated physic… See more
Want a doctor who really knows you and offers 24/7 availability or even house calls? These options have become reality as physicians reinvent how they provide care. A few doctors in the area have beg… See more
CEOs who are in depth in monitoring and caring for the health and well-being of their companies are not always on the ball when it comes to their own health. Some theorize that they don't fully unders… See more
When the company MDVIP approached William Weiss, MD, seven years ago about joining its nationwide network of doctors, it didn’t require a lot of arm-twisting to convince him to make the move.   Weiss… See more
Anyone who's spent a long time in a waiting room to see a doctor for a very short period of time knows there's a healthcare problem in America. Or at least a healthcare delivery problem. Doctors have… See more
With the shortage of primary care physicians all over the country, more and more patients are frustrated that they are not getting enough time or attention from their primary doctor. The medical comm… See more
This week, I answered a grab bag of reader questions about insurance coverage for colorectal cancer screening, hospital facility fees and the tax treatment of annual fees charged by concierge medical… See more
MDVIP is a national network of primary care physicians across 43 states that includes four doctors in northern Nevada. "MDVIP is a personalized preventive care business," Bret Jorgensen CEO of MDVIP… See more
Most doctors, if asked to define the term “patient-generated data,” probably would associate it with answers given in patient interviews or the clipboard forms new patients fill out in the waiting roo… See more
Three Chandler doctors, Donna DeSantis, Thomas G. Hopkins and Page Walend, are joining MDVIP to deliver a higher level of personalized healthcare with an emphasis on prevention, not just the treatment… See more
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