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Dr. Richard Seidt describes himself as the type of family physician who wants to spend time with his patients. He wants to listen to their questions, answer them thoroughly and focus more on keeping t… See more
Gen Xers make up 55 percent of all start-up founders. They personify “driven” in the business world, but when it comes to their health, many Gen Xers are slacking. People in this age group (late 30s… See more
They skip physicals. They avoid doctors. Their health habits are less than ideal, according to a recent survey. Refocus while there’s still time to turn lackadaisical habits around for better health,… See more
Being middle-aged, sandwiched between the much-lauded millennials and the much-attacked baby boomers, is far from an ideal place on the demographic scale. Now a new report says that Generation Xers,… See more
For $1,650 a year, Lynn Leong gets to spend two hours detailing her health concerns when she sees her primary care doctor, a stark contrast to the typical 15- to 30-minute office visit. The 67-year-o… See more
Not many people intentionally add three hours of time to the experience of seeing their primary care physician. But that is exactly what Tina McMechen did. Memphis physicians Dr. Martin Weiss and his… See more
Unless your doctor recommends one for a specific reason, this daily habit may be worth skipping. "For the most part, multivitamins are a poor investment, says Les Emhof, MD, an MDVIP-affiliated physic… See more
Want a doctor who really knows you and offers 24/7 availability or even house calls? These options have become reality as physicians reinvent how they provide care. A few doctors in the area have beg… See more
CEOs who are in depth in monitoring and caring for the health and well-being of their companies are not always on the ball when it comes to their own health. Some theorize that they don't fully unders… See more
When the company MDVIP approached William Weiss, MD, seven years ago about joining its nationwide network of doctors, it didn’t require a lot of arm-twisting to convince him to make the move.   Weiss… See more
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