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With the traditional healthcare system in the United States broken and becoming increasingly outdated, what will take its place? Concierge medicine, a healthcare model that provides patients with comp… See more
MDVIP, the national leader in affordable personalized healthcare, announces that Dr. Claudine M. De Dan has opened an MDVIP-affiliated practice in Mullica Hill,… See more
After decades of working at traditional, high-volume practices in the Chicagoland area, Dr. Mary Lang Carney choose to downsize and serve a smaller pool of pati… See more
A sudden jump or increase in numbers is generally seen as concerning in the medical world, but in this case, these numbers have nothing to do with the patient. A recent survey from MDVIP found that “t… See more
It’s not just patients who feel rushed and left with unanswered during their appointments. Before switching to MDVIP, Dr. Nicholas Biasotto had 4,000 patients and was seeing 50 a day. Biasotto admits,… See more
When you have a primary care doctor reachable outside of the office and available longer during your appointments, you have more time to form a stronger relationship and deeper understanding of your c… See more
Concierge medicine emerged in the mid-1990s when doctors found the pressure to see dozens of patients every day to be too much. Over the years concierge services have grown to become more affordable f… See more
Doctors speak the same language and having direct communication with other physicians means less is lost in translation or confusion. Concierge medicine models like MDVIP are designed to give primary… See more
Frustrated by the current healthcare system in the United States and impelled by their own health concerns, people are seeking other ways to receive care. Many are drawn to concierge medicine, which o… See more
More and more doctors are growing frustrated with the traditional demands of seeing 30 or more patients per day. Rather than get out completely or continue at this pace, they are switching to concierg… See more
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