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MDVIP | November 24, 2014

MDVIP, the leader in personalized healthcare with a nationwide network of more than 750 physicians, announced the start of a new foundation that will support initiatives in healthcare, educatio… See more
MDVIP | November 11, 2014
MDVIP, the leader in personalized healthcare with a nationwide network of over 750 primary care physicians, has been named one of the country’s 10 top providers of executive health programs according… See more
MDVIP | October 22, 2014
MDVIP, the leader in personalized preventive medicine with a nationwide network of over 750 affiliated primary care physicians, announced today that… See more
MDVIP | September 9, 2014
With rising healthcare costs and decreasing physician and patient satisfaction, a new… See more
MDVIP | June 10, 2014

MDVIP announced today that Bret Jorgensen, the veteran healthcare innovator and former CEO of MDVIP, has been named Executive Chairman o… See more
MDVIP | March 19, 2014
How does a patient praise the physician who saved his eyesight, or the doctor who braved a snowstorm to care for her or ordered the colonoscopy that detected a tumor – and ultimately saved the patient… See more
MDVIP | July 18, 2013
A just-published report, co-authored by the medical leadership of Cleveland HeartLab (CHL) and MDVIP for the peer-reviewed journal… See more
MDVIP | January 3, 2013
Patients under the care of MDVIP-affiliated primary care physicians experience a dramatic decrease in hospitalizations versus comparable non-MDVIP patients, according to a study profiled in an article… See more
MDVIP | November 16, 2011
When it comes to better healthcare, there is strength in numbers. MDVIP, the nation’s largest group of primary care physicians who practice affordable, personalized care, announced an… See more
MDVIP | May 10, 2011
MDVIP, the leader in affordable personalized healthcare, has substantially increased its number of patients. On its 10-year anniversary, it has now reached a milestone of over 150,000 members securing… See more
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