A Alan Reisinger III MD FACP

Internal Medicine
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A Alan Reisinger III MD FACP
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I am a board-certified internal medicine doctor with a passion for people, a focus on prevention and a desire to practice medicine the way it was meant to be practiced. As your personal physician, I believe in combining both the art and the science of medicine, and in being relentless in doing what it takes to provide you with the care you deserve. My philosophy of care combines lifestyle change support (e.g., nutrition, exercise, stress management, healthy habits) with advanced tests and screenings aimed at preventing heart disease, stroke and diabetes. I strive to bring you the best of all worlds of healing.

I’ve been practicing personalized primary care as an MDVIP-affiliated physician since 2008, offering same-day or next-day appointments that are unrushed. This preventive healthcare model revolves around the MDVIP Wellness Program, a truly comprehensive yearly assessment of current health and future risks, resulting in a customized plan built around you to help optimize your health and well-being.

My staff works hard to provide a serene, welcoming, healing environment, to inject a little humor when possible and to make you feel like family whenever you call or visit our office.  We look forward to hearing from you.



Dr. Reisinger's Credentials

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Mercy Medical Center
Baltimore, MD 1983-1984
Chief Resident 1984-1985

Mercy Medical Center
Baltimore, MD 1982-1983

Medical School:
University of Maryland School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD
Doctorate of Medicine 1982

Western Maryland College
Westminster, MD
Bachelor of Arts, Biology 1978

Board Certified in Internal Medicine
St. Agnes Healthcare
Baltimore Magazine, recognized as one of Baltimore’s top 20 system savvy physicians in Managed Care 1994
Baltimore Magazine, recognized as one of Baltimore’s top 3 internists 1997
Appearance, ABC World News Tonight, “The Future of Health Care in America,” with Peter Jennings 1992
President, Medical Staff, Frederick Villa Nursing Center 1992-1994
Board of Directors, Preferred Health Director; financial stability directives 1993-1994
Panelist/Presenter, Maryland Health Care Coalition Conference Series; Fort Meade, Maryland 1994
Medical Director, Frederick Villa Nursing Center, policies & procedures; regulatory compliance 1994-1995
Medical Advisory Committee, Preferred Health Network; Physician Credentialing, quality assurance 1994-1996
Panelist/Presenter, Second National Primary Care Conference, Dallas, Texas 1995
Board of Directors, Saint Agnes Healthcare 1996-2008
President, Seton Medical Group 1998-2007

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Reisinger

from Lois in MD March 16, 2018 for A Alan Reisinger III MD FACP

I joined Dr. Reisinger's practice when he started with MDVIP. He feels like a member of the family because he is that caring and has been my physician through illnesses and the deaths of my father and husband, celebrations of my daughter's medical school and now into residency. Through it all he has taken care of my ups and downs - several surgeries and the resulting rehabs. He is… See more

from Bill in MD March 9, 2018 for A Alan Reisinger III MD FACP

I have been with Doctor Reisinger since the early days when he and Doctor St Martin shared their first office in Catonsville. I was referred to Alan by my cousin who was a nursing administrator at Mercy Hospital in Baltimore. She thought he would be a good fit for me. She was so right. He has watched me carefully all of these years and has seen to it that I had all of the care necessary to… See more

from Mary Ellen in MD March 8, 2018 for A Alan Reisinger III MD FACP

I have known Alan Reisinger since he was a medical resident and I was working as a Medical Technologist at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore too many years ago to mention! From the very beginning, Alan was always, and is today, focused on accurate diagnosis using all tools at his disposal. While the tools of his trade have changed and and advanced incredibly in their complexity, Alan has… See more

from Dennis in MD March 7, 2018 for A Alan Reisinger III MD FACP

Dr. Reisinger,
We have known each other a very long time. You and Dr. St. Martin and your staff have taken care of me through all of my health issues. In my book you guys are the best, Debbie takes care of me like a mom, it is a great feeling and a comfort.A lot of the time I am there I feel like a bother but on numerous occasions you see me through. I love you guys. Thank You, Dr.… See more

from Linda in MD March 5, 2018 for A Alan Reisinger III MD FACP

Dr Reisinger is the best! My husband and I both have been with him for a very long time. Now that we are in our 60s, we feel even better knowing he is doing everything possible to keep us in maximum shape going forward. He really cares.

from Beverly in MD March 1, 2018 for A Alan Reisinger III MD FACP

I have been a patient of Dr Reisinger for over 2 decades and I can't ever imagine seeing anyone else. I trust and believe in him implicitly. He is thorough, patient and truly concerned about my health. He always offers me options to help me improve. He. Thoroughly explains the meaning of each test.
I used to dread and try to avoid visiting the doctor, but since I found him, I… See more

from Donna in MD March 1, 2018 for A Alan Reisinger III MD FACP

I have known Dr. Alan Reisinger it seems like a lifetime. He was my doctor years prior to MDVIP. I am his challenge. Anything and everything out of the ordinary happens to me. I can honestly say what ever the situation that arises I feel he will figure it out. I am the patient that keeps him on his toes. I'm not stating anything that is not true. Just ask him. He is one in a million… See more

from Rev. Christopher in MD March 1, 2018 for A Alan Reisinger III MD FACP

Almost 20 years ago, I was in need of a new personal physician. I asked another doctor for her recommendation. She immediately told me Alan Reisinger. His care for me has been outstanding and lifesaving. He has changed my dietary habits that, if left unchanged, would have caused serious medical problems and, possibly, loss of my life.
He treats me with the utmost respect and has… See more

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It has become clear to me, after more than 35 years of medical practice, that the traditional approach to cardiovascular disease is missing the boat. Just look at these dismal statistics:

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