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Internal Medicine
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Alice J. Reed, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

Practicing internal medicine for over 26 years in the Jacksonville Beach area has led me to the realization that there are two key components which are crucial in a healthy doctor-patient relationship: communication and prevention. Unfortunately, the hurried system in which we find ourselves today has pushed these two important components to the back burner. Doctors attend medical school and residency for many years to learn about every disease possible, leaving little to no opportunity to embrace wellness and preventive care. Now, as I am older and have cared for many patients, my passion for preventive care, nutrition and weight loss has grown exponentially. Seeing the positive effects of preventive medicine on blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes, has been exciting and very rewarding for me and my patients.

As a doctor who has great long-standing relationships with consultants in the area, I am afforded the opportunity to better coordinate patient care. Now, as an MDVIP- affiliated physician, I am excited to offer a more personalized healthcare approach that will allow me the time I need to better educate the patient while remaining a proactive advocate, worthy of trust.

Dr. Reed's Credentials

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University of Florida Health Science Center
Jacksonville, FL
Internal Medicine 1988-1991

Medical School:
Medical School of Georgia
Augusta, GA
Doctorate of Medicine 1988

University of Georgia
Athens, GA
Bachelor of Science, Microbiology 1982

Georgia State University
Atlanta, GA
Post Baccalaureate, Microbiology 1983

American Board of Internal Medicine
Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville-Beaches
Jacksonville Top Doctor 2002, 2013, 2014
Beaches Favorite 2007, 2016
American College of Physicians Association
Florida Medical Association
Duval County Medical Society

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Reed

from Calista in FL March 29, 2020 for Alice J. Reed, MD

We have been together for over 25 yrs! I don't think I could have made it this far without you & your extremely gifted medical knowledge along with your love, kindness,patience & determination to find answers to the medical & personal problems I have endured during these years. I have written this letter many times but there just isn't enough space to say all the feelings of… See more

from Geroge in FL March 14, 2020 for Alice J. Reed, MD

Dr. Reed -

You have been a wonderful caring physician to me and to those I know you also treat. You are an inspiration that motivates me to be in the best health possible. Contrary to other health professional I have encountered I leave your office invigorated to continue to strive toward a healthy lifestyle. So many other professionals leave me in doubt or even dispair at times… See more

from wayne in FL March 13, 2020 for Alice J. Reed, MD

My wife had been seeing Dr. Reed for several years and convinced me to change over to her from my former GP. I am very thankful that I did as Dr. Reed is very caring and thorough in her examinations and tests. When you visit her, she's with you for at least 30-45 min. going over every detail of your examination and tests. She encourages a healthy lifestyle change when needed and always… See more

from John in FL March 12, 2020 for Alice J. Reed, MD

I had been a long distance runner for 40 years In December of 2007 when I got a call from my primary care doctor, Dr. Alice Reed. I had just returned from a 6-mile run feeling so good that I sprinted the last 100 yards. Much to my horror, she told me that the recent lung X-Ray she had scheduled for me was showing my lungs were fine, but that it also showed I had a thoracic aneurysm in my… See more

from RUTH in FL March 12, 2020 for Alice J. Reed, MD

Over 25 years ago I became a patient of Dr. Alice Reed. She did not save my life. Because of her perceptive listening skills and wisdom, she has helped me have a healthy life with access to her whenever needed. Dr. Reed has given me the opportunities to be part of my healthcare by seeking my input as to what I thought best for my healthcare. 

from Sheri in FL March 12, 2020 for Alice J. Reed, MD

Dr Reed is a wonderful doctor. She is always available and lately I've needed it. Had Flu A and she stayed in contact with me until I was well. Several years ago, she also found an issue that other doctors were scratching their head about. Again, I couldn't be happier she is my doctor!!

from Margaret in FL March 11, 2020 for Alice J. Reed, MD

Dr. Alice Reed has been my physician for at least 10 years, and thankfully I have enjoyed good health over those years through keeping a healthy regimen with Dr. Reed's guidance and practical approach. I have a strong family history of cardio disease, and from the onset, she has combined traditional and organic methods & supplements that fit my personal medical/genetic profile. She… See more

from Dena & Worley in FL April 1, 2018 for Alice J. Reed, MD

Dena and I were some of the first patients of Dr. Alice Reed almost 30 years ago. We have never known a Medical Doctor that compares with her expertise and true concern for her patients wellbeing. Over the years she has become a cherished Friend.

from Anne in FL March 30, 2018 for Alice J. Reed, MD

Happy Doctors Day Dr Reed!

Thank you so much for all you have done for me and my familys health over the last 7 years!
Your expertise, knowledge and compassion is a gift that
Provides your patients both the art and science of medicine !
We are so blessed to have you as our physician, mentor and friend!
We love you!
Anne Yates and Family

from Nancy in FL March 28, 2018 for Alice J. Reed, MD
User submitted photo

Dr. Reed is a technically superior physician, both in her ever-evolving knowledge base and the practical application of that medical expertise, but my story is not about that. It is about the innate compassion and instinct she posseses and her ability to relate on a very human level to her patients.

My parents and my husband and I have all been in Dr. Reeds practice. She came to know… See more