Bruce A. Kahan, MD

Internal Medicine
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Bruce A. Kahan, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I have had the honor of being a physician for more than 25 years. My approach to caring for patients has been to do the best possible job for each and every patient treating them as if they were a family member. My practice, due to its smaller size, allows me to individualize patient care. It is so important to take the time to listen to patients as the clues we hear guide us in being able to make the correct diagnosis. I strive to work on prevention and early detection to achieve the best possible outcome. My dedication to medicine has earned me the title of "the doctor's doctor".

Dr. Kahan's Credentials

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University of Massachusetts Medical Center
Worcester, MA
Internal Medicine 1981-1984

Medical School:
The Medical College of Virginia
Richmond, VA
Doctorate of Medicine 1981

University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA
Bachelor of Arts, Biology 1977
Phi Beta Kappa
Alpha Epsilon Delta
Phi Sigma Kappa
Alpha Epsilon Pi

Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
Diplomate, National Board of Medical Examiners
University Community Hospital
St. Joseph's Hospital
Best Doctors in America® 2001-2014
Preceptor, Medical Students, University of South Florida School of Medicine
Voluntary Faculty, South Florida College of Medicine
Former Vice Chief, Department of Internal Medicine, University Community Hospital

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Kahan

from Barbara in FL March 25, 2018 for Bruce A. Kahan, MD

I don't have a dramatic story to share. But my faith and confidence in
Dr. Kahan has been confident and steady, since my first visit with him.
As I approach age 84, I don't move quite as fast as when I was 24, but
my confidence in him hasn't changed at all. When I need him, or even
think I need him, he's there. In this rotating Medical Age in the… See more

from Margaret in FL March 10, 2018 for Bruce A. Kahan, MD

Moved here from Palm Beach County, was with my MDViP doctor there for several years, wasn't sure I could find any other doctor as caring, Dr. Kahan proved me wrong - he is an outstanding doctor and has made me feel very comfortable so that I relax and know that I am getting the best care possible

from Kenneth in FL March 7, 2018 for Bruce A. Kahan, MD

When I visit Dr. Kahan, I know with absolute confidence that my health could not be in better hands. My confidence is base in part on what he does and in part on what he doesn't do. Dr. Kahan is completely unpretentious - everything he does is oriented toward gauging my health. I respect his obvious skill and expertise, but equally his direct but friendly approach to examining and… See more

from Jeanne in FL March 4, 2018 for Bruce A. Kahan, MD

I came to Dr. Kahan before MDVIP. I was so impressed by his caring, concern, and, best, he listens. In regular checkups and an emergency, I know I am getting the best. I came in, unannounced, with severe abdominal pain. Within 2 hours I was in hospital, in surgery undergoing an appendectomy by a great surgeon all arranged by Dr. Kahan. I am 82 now, appendectomy in late 70s. Not supposed to… See more

from Gregg in FL March 1, 2018 for Bruce A. Kahan, MD

I hope you will take this in the manner in which it is intended. When discussing you with my family and friends, I tell them that you're actually a Jewish Grandmother. You concern and care for me is so deep, I can liken it only to that of a Jewish Grandmother. I when joking about this with whomever is listening, I refer to you as she. Blessings on your continued ministry of health.

from Brenda in FL March 1, 2018 for Bruce A. Kahan, MD

I have been with Dr. Kahan some 23 yrs. During this time he has been the most caring diagnostician and greatest physician that I have ever met. After having some 17 surgeries it is felt that I have experienced a variety of physicians and Dr. Kahan tops all of them.

Dr. Kahan is very personable and knowledgeable. One feels at ease in his presence and knows he is doing his best… See more