Cheryl S. Black, MD

Internal Medicine
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Cheryl S. Black, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My approach to wellness is to treat the whole person which includes physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. As a physician, my goal is to provide each of my patients with the best individualized care possible. I see my role as an advisor, advocate and cheerleader in my patient’s journey towards wellness.

Dr. Black's Credentials

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University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, Department of Medicine
Oklahoma City, OK
Endocrinology 1989-1992

University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, Department of Medicine
Oklahoma City, OK
Internal Medicine 1987-1989

University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, Department of Medicine
Oklahoma City, OK
Internal Medicine 1986-1987

Medical School:
University of Oklahoma, College of Medicine
Oklahoma City, OK
Doctorate of Medicine 1986

Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK
Bachelor of Science, Physiology 1982

Deaconess Hospital
Alpha Omega Alpha, Medical Honor Society
Harris Summer Research Fellowship June 1983
Presbyterian Foundation Research Fellowship July 1990
Medical Director, Diabetes Treatment Center, St. Anthony Hospital 1993-1999
President Elect, Oklahoma Affiliate American Diabetes Association 1996-1997
American Diabetes Association
Endocrine Society
Oklahoma State Legislature Task Force: Insurance Coverage for Diabetes Health Services

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Black

from Dennis in OK March 18, 2020 for Cheryl S. Black, MD

Thank You Cheryl Black for your guidance and care in helping me enjoy my past two decades as a Healthy Senior Citizen. 

from Ernestine in OK March 10, 2020 for Cheryl S. Black, MD

I have the best doctor in the world. I worried and stressed that soon I would be on a Kidney Machine because my kidney's were in such bad shape. I found Dr. Black through MDVIP and I thank God for her, because when I explained to her that another doctor was convincing me that my kidney's were slowly shutting down. God provided a way for me to meet Dr. Black, and after all the things… See more

from Therese in OK March 10, 2020 for Cheryl S. Black, MD

I started seeing Dr. Black when my mother was her patient and I observed how thorough and kind she was. I immediately felt drawn to her as she is extremely knowledgeable, professional and sweet. I love seeing her and I know because she is so thorough I am in great hands. Anytime I have had a medical issue and/or I am on vacation and I need to fill a prescription, I call/text Dr. Black and it… See more

from Kristy in OK March 22, 2018 for Cheryl S. Black, MD

Dr Cheryl Black is the first physician that I have had who really takes the time to listen carefully and to answer any questions that I have. I feel that I can ask her anything without feeling intimidated or rushed. I have become more proactive in caring for my health since having her as my personal physician. My blood sugar is controlled very well and my blood pressure has gone down. I… See more

from Carolyn in OK March 17, 2018 for Cheryl S. Black, MD

I appreciate so much Dr. Black's allowing me to control my type2 diabetes with diet and exercise. I have gone from a size 16-18 to size 10-12 and been able to maintain most of it for the last 4-5 years.
I have been successful using the Walk at Home DVD and by walking my dog.
My diet is much more healthy. I have learned to adapt recipes to reduce sugar, fat and calories. I… See more

from Peggy in OK March 6, 2018 for Cheryl S. Black, MD

This is a second note that is more personal. The first message addressed your professionalism, candor, expertise, great staff that reflects professionalism. Etc.
As I reflected on my previous note it sounded so trite, although glowing, I hope. This is more how I feel, emotionally, not just intellectually.
I enjoy my appointments with you! Independent of how I feel (… See more

from Peggy in OK March 3, 2018 for Cheryl S. Black, MD

Dr. Cheryl Black has been our physician for the past year. We were initially concerned because we had been wirh the same doctor in another city for at least five years. She has exceeded our expectations and is easy to ask questions, even if we can't articulate our health issues. She takes us at the level we are on without a hint of condescension. Her staff reflects her style. Always… See more

from RUTH in OK March 3, 2018 for Cheryl S. Black, MD

Dr Black is a doctor who you can trust, you can talk too, she talks to me like a person, I believe she is a God fearing person. she treats me like a person, I can tell her about any problem and trust that she will give me an answer.
I respect her and appreciate her and her knowledge and efforts to help me.
Thanks God for her.
Ruth A.

from Betty in OK March 1, 2018 for Cheryl S. Black, MD

I am fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Cheryl Black in 2004, because of her expertise in endocrinology. At that time, I was living in another part of Oklahoma--but Dr. Black was known as one of the BEST in her field. From the start, she proved to be extremely thorough with procedures, thoughtful and articulate in her responses, and open to my questions and concerns. It is a plus for the… See more