Chris L. Kopecky, MD

Internal Medicine
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Chris L. Kopecky, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My philosophy is to look at my patients as though they were family members and to treat them as such. I will do everything I can to help patients navigate through today's complex healthcare landscape. Making sure that patients understand their healthcare needs is essential to their well-being. My goal is to put the patients first, to provide emotional and physical comfort, and to strive for the best care possible. The importance of compassion and dedication cannot be overemphasized in medicine. Patients deserve the best.

Dr. Kopecky's Credentials

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University of Texas at San Antonio
San Antonio, TX
Cardiology 1979-1981

University of Washington
Seattle, WA
Internal Medicine 1977-1979

University of Washington
Seattle, WA

Medical School:
University of Texas at San Antonio Health Science Center
San Antonio, TX
Doctorate of Medicine 1976

University of Texas
Austin, TX
Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Arts & Spanish 1967

American Board of Internal Medicine
St. Lukes Baptist Hospital
Christus Santa Rosa Medical Center
American College of Cardiology
American Heart Association
Texas Club of Internists
Texas Medical Association
Bexar County Medical Society
U.S. Army, Lieutenant, General George Patton’s armored division in Germany
- Platoon Leader, 2nd Lieutenant 1968
- Battalion Adjutant, 1st Lieutenant 1969
- Company Commander, 1970
U.S. Army, Captain and commander of 210 man company, Vietnam, Awarded the Bronze Star 1970

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Kopecky

from Dr Roy R in TX March 14, 2020 for Chris L. Kopecky, MD

Several months ago, my wife became very ill complaining of acute stomach pain. It was late evening. I called Dr. Kopecky to inquire if he could see her in the morning. Moments later, Dr. Kopecky was at my door. It was now very late, and Doctor Kopekcy wanted her to have a prescription. I told him that I would go and get the prescription filled. He stated," no, you stay here with your… See more

from Richard in TX March 13, 2020 for Chris L. Kopecky, MD

Dr. Kopecky has removed the stress of getting medical care. He is a kind and caring doctor. He is extremely responsive to my medical needs.

from Melissa in TX March 12, 2020 for Chris L. Kopecky, MD

Knowing that I can call or text Dr. Kopecky anytime I need him has been a great comfort to me. Dr. Kopecky always puts me at ease during my office visits by talking to me about other things going on in my life as well as discussing my medical problems. He never rushes me, and shows great compassion towards me.

from Shannon in TX March 12, 2020 for Chris L. Kopecky, MD

Dr. Kopecky goes above and beyond the call of duty every...single...time. Both my husband and I have found such a treasure in him. We feel fortunate to be Dr. Kopecky’s patients and are grateful for his commitment to his profession. He truly lives up to the ideal doctor that everyone dreams of having. Thank you, Dr. Kopecky, for taking such good care of us. Your 24/7 attention to our family… See more

from Mike in TX March 11, 2020 for Chris L. Kopecky, MD

My son was diagnosed with cancer 22 years ago. I asked a very good Doctor friend of mine. "This is really bad. I need one Doctor I can count on for myself" without hesitation he said Dr. Chris Kopecky. I contacted Dr Kopecky's office to see if he would take care me on as a patient. They immediately put me through to Dr. Kopecky. I explained the situation and Dr. Kopecky said… See more

from Carolyn in TX March 10, 2020 for Chris L. Kopecky, MD

Dr Kopecky is the first doctor that ever sat down with me and had a conversation about the “whole” me, Dr Kopecky was prompt correct, and encouraging with the analysis of my history as a total person. Dr Kopecky is a doctor that I can easily conversation. I am so happy I found Dr Kopecky and that he is my doctor😊

from Laney in TX March 16, 2018 for Chris L. Kopecky, MD
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Dr. Chris Kopecky was a good friend to my husband and his family for many years - I lost my husband and with grief comes fear so I decided to go to him because he made me feel secure and I feel he really cares about me ♥️

from Melissa in TX March 7, 2018 for Chris L. Kopecky, MD

I often read articles on the internet or hear medical news on TV. Dr. Kopecky always patiently listens to my questions and discusses my concerns about these with me. I really appreciate that. I have struggled with anxiety and Dr. Kopecky referred me to an excellent counselor who has helped me a great deal. He also has shown great compassion and kindness towards me.
I feel like I not only… See more

from Ada in TX March 6, 2018 for Chris L. Kopecky, MD

Dr. Kopeckey has been my doctor for over thirty years. When he joined the MDVIP group, I did not stay with him due to the distance I had to drive, plus my medical ins. is free, so could not see paying to go that distance. I was very upset that I had to stop seeing him, but he understood. I was not happy with the other doctors I was seeing, so I decided to pay to go back to Dr. Chris after… See more