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Daniel L. Peterson, MD
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Testimonials from patients of Dr. Peterson

from Robert in NV June 29, 2020 for Daniel L. Peterson, MD

I said the above as it is a simple way to say it. I’m a survivor of ABI TBI & CFS. My list could go on but those 3 are enough. Dr Peterson goes beyond his call. If not for him I wouldn’t be here. In 1986 when I first moved to Incline Village his name up. An employee on a project & after that a client of my employer was seeing him. The CFS experience & all other aspects medically he… See more

from John and Nan in NV March 27, 2020 for Daniel L. Peterson, MD

Dr. Daniel Peterson is an exceptional diagnostician and physician and can identify an illness when we don't even think we have a problem. Several years ago he detected a problem with me and several other patients that we had been attacked by the same virus. He thought that such a common viral attack in a small town was unusual. He contacted a lead virologist at Columbia University who… See more

from Sara in NV March 16, 2020 for Daniel L. Peterson, MD

Dr. Peterson has a reputation for ordering a lot of tests and scans. In my case it really paid off. My cholesterol has been slightly elevated for years but never warranted that I go on cholesterol lowering medication. Dr. Peterson wanted me to have a calcium heart scan regardless. After the results of the first scan he determined that I should have a more in-depth scan which showed I have… See more

from Christine in CA March 16, 2020 for Daniel L. Peterson, MD

DrPeterson and his staff - Marco, Donna , Sherrie, Nancy, Carol, Jane ...all worked as a team to be sure the culture I needed was accepted and properly tested even though the laboratory initially tried to refuse to run a test on the nasal and throat cultures that I needed as a follow up to a BACTERIAL infection. They also got me the screening for the Coronavirus virus that was equally… See more

from Robert in NV March 10, 2020 for Daniel L. Peterson, MD

Myself a survivor of Viral Encephalitis in 1996 & all of the permanent side effects. He made me so aware of these so well mannered. I’ve had multiple surgeries, & treatment in his office therapies in which helped me. CFS & those who deal with it he is definitely has been & is a true gift. In my initial move to Incline Village in 1986 his name & all that was happening is one… See more

from John February 14, 2020 for Daniel L. Peterson, MD

Dr. Daniel Peterson, my specialist who ultimately identified the complex genetic anomalies that resulted in me being so sick and tired so much of the time, also developed a plan to address the immune system deficiencies that were identified. Hes been a valued advocate for my health, going to bat for me with insurance companies, hospitals, and other physicians when necessary to ensure that my… See more