Daniel C. Ripley, MD

Family Medicine
10A Marshellen Drive
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Daniel C. Ripley, MD

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My mission is to provide the very best healthcare available in a caring and empathetic manner. I believe that there is an art to medicine as well as a science and that warmth, sympathy and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s knife or the chemist’s drug. Listening to my patients is one of my strongest attributes and an invaluable diagnostic tool. I am also a strong proponent of the prevention of disease through healthy lifestyle choices so that my patients may live happier more active lives!

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Dr. Ripley's Credentials

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Greenville Memorial Hospital
Greenville, SC
Family Practice 1998

Greenville Memorial Hospital
Greenville, SC
Family Practice 1996-1997

Medical School:
Medical University of South Carolina
Charleston, SC
Doctorate of Medicine 1995

Clemson University
Clemson, SC
Bachelor of Science, Biological Science 1991
Cum Laude

American Board of Family Medicine
Beaufort Memorial Hospital
Military Awards
- US Navy Commendation Medal
- US Navy Achievement Medal
- Operation Iraqi Freedom Medal
- USMC Fleet Marine Force Designation
American Academy of Family Physicians
South Carolina
Operation Iraq Freedom, Al Jaber Airbase, Kuwait 2003
United States Navy
- Naval Hospital Beaufort, SC 2001-2003
- Branch Medical Clinic, Parris Island, SC 2000-2001
- Branch Medical Clinic, Memphis, TN 1998-2000

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from Bob & Lori in SC March 2, 2018 for Daniel C. Ripley, MD

Dr. Ripley is there when we need him. Consultation, preventative medicine, physicals, where ever we travel he is available to change prescriptions or make a referral to another MDVIP physician.

from Pearce in SC February 28, 2018 for Daniel C. Ripley, MD
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Dr. Ripley is a very personable and caring doctor who listens to you and cares about your health. His staff is also very competent and professional. I recommend Dr. Ripley highly to anyone who is interested in maintaining good health.

from David in SC February 27, 2018 for Daniel C. Ripley, MD

Im 83 and have known a lot of doctors. Dan Ripley is at the top of my list. He really cares and he listens. He was our doctor before he joined MDVIP and we had not an instant of hesitation in signing up. We are lucky to have him.

from nancy April 5, 2017 for Daniel C. Ripley, MD

Dr. Dan Ripley is my trusted, much loved and respected physician. He has kept me in a healthy condition .for several years to date. I never need to question nor second guess my Doctor. I am always treated with kindness and care. I think I am a senior depicting an individual in good health, active and happy thanks to my Dr. Ripley.

from Kathy March 31, 2017 for Daniel C. Ripley, MD

when I was in the hospital with bronchitis three years ago, Dr. Ripley came by to see me daily. He insisted that the pulmonalogist review the treatment undertaken by the hospitalists -- I wasn't improving. Had he not done that, my treatment would not have changed and it would have taken longer for me to recover.