Donald W. Barber, MD

Internal Medicine
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Donald W. Barber, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

The goal of my practice is to provide state-of-the-art primary care to optimize the quality of life for my patients and minimize the impact of disease, aging and suffering. The goal is getting things accomplished in an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding, compassion, collaboration and professionalism.
I believe that the practice of medicine is an opportunity for me to use my gifts, talents and passions to partner with my patients, listen to them, understand their unique needs and come to know them as intimately as possible. Having developed close and personal relationships with my patients, and through the use of my acquired knowledge and experience as a physician, I am able and work side-by-side with my patients to achieve the best possible outcomes for their wellness.

Dr. Barber's Credentials

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Los Angeles County/U.S.C. Medical Center
Los Angeles, CA
Internal Medicine 1980-1981

University of California, Irvine Affiliated Hospitals
Los Angeles, CA
Internal Medicine 1978-1980

Medical School:
University of Southern California, School of Medicine
Los Angeles, CA
Doctorate of Medicine 1978

University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA
Biology Major, accepted to Medical School after three years of undergraduate training 1971-1974

Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
Diplomate, National Board of Medical Examiners
Verdugo Hills Hospital 1982-present
Trustee Scholar, University of Southern California
Phi Beta Kappa, University of Southern California
Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society
Excellence of Research Award, American Medical Student Association, University of Texas Medical Branch Research Forum 1976
Best Doctors® in America 1998-2002, 2007-2010
Best Primary Doctors in America, Town and Country magazine 2000
Hollywood's Top Doctors, The Hollywood Reporter 2014
American College of Physicians 1979-present
from John in CA February 28, 2018 for Donald W. Barber, MD

I believe that when your doctor is not only exceptionally gifted, absolutely committed, and uncompromisingly thorough, you are very, very fortunate. When you can also add that he is a true friend, well, then you realize how very special your experience is. Skip is in a league by himself. No one is better.

from Kent in CA February 27, 2018 for Donald W. Barber, MD

It was such a great comfort to know that Doc was not on a time schedule that prevented him from responding to my concerns. Oh yes, and he know what email is unlike MOST other practitioners... I feel fortunate am I under his care, I'm just sayin...

from Michael in CA February 27, 2018 for Donald W. Barber, MD

I have been seeing Dr. Donald Barber for twenty-plus years. Sixteen years ago I had one of those heart check exams and it showed what appeared to be a small spot on my left lung. After consultations, Dr. Barber insisted I have an exploratory operation at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena. It turned out I had lung cancer and two-thirds of my left lung was removed. Frankly put, his insistence… See more

from CAROL in CA February 27, 2018 for Donald W. Barber, MD

Dr. Barber accepted me in to his practice out of the great kindness of his heart. He had been my husband's doctor for many years, but not mine. But when I asked him, even though he was probably full, he accepted me. And he has been an absolute Prince with me...he listens, (a lot), he is always positive even when I've been a super challenge for him, and I know he truly cares.

from Jerry in CA February 26, 2018 for Donald W. Barber, MD

I truly believe that Dr. Barber saved my life on two separate occasions- once with prostate cancer and the other with breast cancer (yes, I am one of the few unfortunate males to have breast cancer). In neither case did I have outward symptoms and did not suspect the cancer on either occasion. Thank you, Dr. Barber

from Alice in CT February 10, 2015 for Donald W. Barber, MD

Dr. Barber is always there for me. He listens to my concerns and takes excellent care of resolving them. I have been his patient for decades and trust his judgment 100.

from Marilyn in CA February 25, 2014 for Donald W. Barber, MD

Donald W. Barber , M. D. was a an mdvip even before joining MDVIP. A very caring doctor in all ways. I look at him as a friend as well as my primary

from Harold in CA February 22, 2014 for Donald W. Barber, MD

In the early nineteen nineties we hit the Jackpot when we found Dr. Donald W. Barber, M.D. Our cardiologist, Dr. Paul D. Maher, M.D., had just performed an angioplasty clearing a restriction in my wifes cardio vascular system and he advised us to secure the care of a reputable primary physician. He suggested Dr. Barber.

We found Dr. Barber to be extremely competent, perceptive,… See more

from michael in CA February 15, 2014 for Donald W. Barber, MD

A great doctor and person. Up on the latest research, etc. Always very attentive and, most importantly, basically saved my life when it became clear I might have lung cancer in a very early stage. Really can`t say enough good things about Donald Barber, MD.

from Nancy in CA February 12, 2014 for Donald W. Barber, MD

Dr Barber is a compassionate and extremely competent physician. I trust his judgement and appreciate his advice.