Thomas F. Griffin Jr., MD

Family Medicine
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Thomas F. Griffin Jr., MD

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My philosophy of caring for my patients centers around helping them enjoy a healthier life by working together to improve their state of mind, body, spirit and relationships. Specifially, I have found that assisting people in managing their cardiovascular health risks usually enhances all four of these areas as well as their entire lives. My staff and I focus on enjoying life rather than avoiding death. The most common side effect of a healthy life is a longer one. This has been my philosophy for years and is the subject of my personal health planning book, Feeling Good for Life.

Dr. Griffin's Credentials

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University of Arizona, University Medical Center
Tucson, AZ
Pediatrics 1972-1973
University of Arizona, College of Medicine
Tucson, AZ
Continuing Affiliation/Education, Pediatrics, Family & Community Medicine 1973-1976

Medical School:
University of Arizona, College of Medicine
Tucson, AZ
Doctorate of Medicine 1972

University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology 1968

Diplomate, American Board of Family Medicine
Fellow, American Academy of Family Physicians
Northwest Medical Center
Carondelet Health Network
Arizona and American Academy of Family Practice
Pima County Medical Society and Arizona Medical Association
President, Graham County Medical Society
Vice Chairman, Southern Arizona Health Systems Agency
Director, Graham Behavioral Health Services
Chairman, Maternal and Child Health Committee, Arizona Medical Association
Secretary, Arizona Medical Association
Chairman, The Independent Practice Association of America
Chairman, Renewal Counseling Services, Southern Arizona
Associate Faculty, University of Arizona, College of Medicine and College of Nursing
Associate Faculty, University of North Dakota, College of Medicine
Associate Faculty, Good Samaritan Hospital, Family Practice Residency, Phoenix AZ
The Physician’s Blueprint – Feeling Good for Life, published by New Dynamics, Inc., Scottsdale, AZ 1983
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 83-60135

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from Janet in AZ March 20, 2020 for Thomas F. Griffin Jr., MD

Dr. Griffin is an excellent listener. In our discussions he often says, “I hear you.” This is very comforting to know that he is really listening. I appreciate this wonderful caring quality in him.

from Stefi in AZ March 19, 2020 for Thomas F. Griffin Jr., MD

I feel so fortunate to call Dr. Griffin my doctor. After having some health issues traveling out of the country, I really needed to find a good GP. I visited numerous offices before being referred to Dr. Griffin by some close friends.

From the moment I walked into the reception room, I knew something was very special about this office. The staff had a calm demeanor and caring… See more

from Terry and Judy in AZ March 17, 2020 for Thomas F. Griffin Jr., MD

Dedicated to wellness Responsive to our special needs Gracious and caring Relaxed and calming Interesting and informational Friendly and fun Favorite primary care doctor In clinic or out, always available Nurtures and motivates us to be well Thank you for being the great person/doctor you are! 

from MIRIAM in AZ March 12, 2020 for Thomas F. Griffin Jr., MD

I grew up in Chicago and all of my uncles were physicians. If I got sick, my mom would call my uncle and he would stop by after work or give her instructions on how to care for me. Later, one of each of their children became a physician; so the tradition continued and aside from the dentist, I never had a typical patient/ Dr. relationship. My parents moved to Tucson about 45 years ago and… See more

from Kathleen in AZ March 12, 2020 for Thomas F. Griffin Jr., MD

I have been going to Dr. Griffin for over 17 years and I pray he never retires. I have followed him to each new endeavor, finally culminatin with MDVIP. Now, he is able to give his patients the time they need with each appointment. He is family. So, I had the rest of my family join MDVIP and we all claim him! While the Medical Emergencies are always taken care of with urgency and great… See more

from Curt in AZ March 11, 2020 for Thomas F. Griffin Jr., MD

Tom Griffin is much more than "just" my doctor. Each visit includes a little chit-chat about life - a genuine interest in how my family is doing, and how I'm doing. In the Bible a person named Barnabas was nick-named the "son of encouragement". I believe that Tom is his modern-day equivalent. He is an encouragement to me and to each patient he interacts with. He… See more

from Adrienne in AZ March 11, 2020 for Thomas F. Griffin Jr., MD

Dr.Griffin is not only an excellent doctor who goes to great lengths to solve physical problems, but he is also dedicated to helping people emotionally. I have countess stories of his tireless efforts to help me with life long issues of depression. Thanks to his willingness to really listen to me and try various solutions, I am happier with my life than I have ever been. He also went above and… See more

from CLAYTON in AZ March 11, 2020 for Thomas F. Griffin Jr., MD
Image provided by: CLAYTON

For more years than made sense, I lived with standard medical care. I would make an appointment, show up ten minutes early, wait for an additional 20 before being taken into the exam room. I would then wait another 10-15 minutes at which time the nurse would show up, ask how I was feeling, take my vitals, then disappear saying the doctor would be with me shortly. After another 10 minutes or… See more

from Alexis in AZ February 28, 2020 for Thomas F. Griffin Jr., MD

Dr. Griffin is a wonderful doctor. Since I joined MDVIP, going to the doctor is a good experience as compared to any other medical experience. The doctor and his staff are kind and caring. I feel taken care of. I know I am in good hands which is a relief. I'm grateful to have Dr. Griffin as my primary care doctor. He is terrific.