Edward C. Lafleur, MD

Family Medicine
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Edward C. Lafleur, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My philosophy in caring for my patients is centered on identifying the underlying source of their medical problems and working in partnership with them towards true solutions, which is nearly always attainable through nutrition and fitness based recommendations. I have learned that the keys to success involve empowering patients with knowledge, then working together toward goals of vitality and true wellness. Furthermore, I lead by example, doing my best to eat cleanly, exercise regularly, and maintain an ideal body weight year round.

Dr. Lafleur's Credentials

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Louisiana State University
Lafayette, LA
Family Medicine 2001-2004
Chief Resident 2003-2004

Medical School:
Louisiana State University, School of Medicine
New Orleans, LA
Doctorate of Medicine 2001

University of Louisiana
Lafayette, LA
Bachelor of Science, Pre-Medicine 1994

American Board of Family Medicine
Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center
Alpha Omega Alpha Volunteer Clinical Faculty Award 2011
Medical Director, Victory Addiction Recovery Center 2013-present
Medical Director, Acadiana Addiction Center 2004-present
American Academy of Family Physicians

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Lafleur

from Rhonda in LA March 12, 2020 for Edward C. Lafleur, MD
Image provided by: Rhonda

2016 I was questioning the necessity to be a part of Dr. Lafleur's MDVIP program because I was not suffering with chronic conditions on an ongoing basis and I was contemplating whether or not to discontinue the service because it was not medically necessary, but I knew I wanted to stay healthy and I resonated with his philosophies. In Dec. 2016, my husband died unexpectedly and I can… See more

from Greg in LA March 12, 2020 for Edward C. Lafleur, MD

Before visiting with you I experienced 4-5 migraines each week and began to accept it as my new norm. I don’t like taking medication and prefer natural remedies. You opened my eyes to nutrition, sleep, and exercise improvements that changed my life. Migraine frequency dropped immediately. It continues to decrease as time progresses as the lessons are incorporated as permanent and very… See more

from Keisha in LA March 11, 2020 for Edward C. Lafleur, MD

I was on the mystery Illness tour and Dr Lefluer resolved my issues after 1.5 years with other Drs.... I’m my old self again!!! He is great at what he does and is patient And kind to those who have hardheads like me:))))

from Gerard in LA March 10, 2020 for Edward C. Lafleur, MD

I was blessed with a son, our only child, at the ripe young age of 41. I have always told my son, on my way out the door to exercise, that, "Daddy was working to keep a healthy heart, so he can still play with you when you get older."

The problem was, I didn't do this very often. I also ate too much, ate poorly, and drank too much. Daddy did NOT have a healthy heart.… See more

from Nancy in LA March 8, 2018 for Edward C. Lafleur, MD

Dr. Ed Lafleur has helped myself and my husband, Peter in many areas pertaining to our health. We both are so thankful we have a physician we can contact when we need and can get in to see him right away. He is also very understanding and patient with us. We both feel our health is much better - Thanks Dr. Lafleur!
Peter adds - I sure do miss eating BAD!!

from Jim in LA March 4, 2018 for Edward C. Lafleur, MD

I simply appreciate Dr. LaFleur taking time to engage in conversations not necessarily related to health issues. Discussing family, friends, mutual interests, etc.,is , in itself, a healthy experience-----a sincere experience.

from Rhonda in LA March 4, 2018 for Edward C. Lafleur, MD

I lost my husband in a tragic accident in Dec. 2016. It was very comforting to know that Dr. LaFleur was easily accessible if I needed anything during the most difficult time of my life. He and his staff, Blair and Jamie, were very compassionate and did whatever they could do to address my request in a very timely manner. I always felt very comfortable knowing he was a phone call away, day… See more