Erie V. Boorman, MD

Internal Medicine
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

Listening is the main tool in the art of medicine and is the beginning of good medical judgment. Two aphorisms have provided me with good boundaries. First, "No matter how you pinch or squeeze, the patient has but one disease," and second, "A patient can have as many diseases as he darn well pleases." The first quote looks for a unifying diagnosis to simplify everything. The second admonishes that everything is more complicated than it seems. The art and the science of medicine are not really separate; both depend on listening openly, never prejudging, following acquired intuition for simplicity, but expecting complexity. Teaching my patients and having them teach me is my great pleasure because it provides the key to moving from where our health is now to where we want our health to be.

Dr. Boorman's Credentials

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University of California Los Angeles, School of Medicine
Los Angeles, CA
Internal Medicine 1978-1980

University of California Los Angeles, School of Medicine
Los Angeles, CA
Internal Medicine 1977-1978

Medical School:
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI
Doctorate of Medicine 1977

Columbia University
New York, NY
Master of Arts, Mathematics 1972

Stanford University
Stanford, CA
Bachelor of Science, Mathematics 1968
Graduate with Distinction

American Board of Internal Medicine
National Board of Medical Examiners, parts I, II, III
UCLA Medical Center
UCLA/Santa Monica Hospital
St. John's Hospital and Health Center
Clinical Faculty Teacher of the Year Award 1981, 1982
Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society 1977
National Science Foundation Traineeship, Columbia University 1968-1972
Phi Beta Kappa, Stanford University 1968
University of California Los Angeles
- Instructor, Fundamentals of Clinical Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine 1998-present
- Associate Clinical Professor, Division of General Internal Medicine & Health Services, Department of Medicine 2003-present
- Attending Physician, Santa Monica Hospital, Family Practice Training Program 1999-2005
- Co-Director, Comprehensive Health Program 2002-2004
- Assistant Clinical Professor (compensated), Division of General Internal Medicine & Health Services, Department of Medicine 1998-2003
- Internship Selection Committee 1998-2000
- Assistant Clinical Professor, School of Medicine 1982-1997
- Member, Board of Directors, UCLA Clinical Facility 1981-1997
- Instructor, Advanced Clinical Skills 1994-1996
- Attending Ward Physician 1990-1993
Member, American Society of Internal Medicine
American College of Physicians
from Scott March 29, 2017 for Erie V. Boorman, MD

How often in a lifetime does an acquaintance become a friend, a resource, a confidante, a caregiver?

OK, there is marriage.

Beyond that, such experiences are few and far between.

Mine is with Dr. Boorman. As young professionals and new parents decades ago, we discovered we shared warped senses of humor, love of science, and having found perfect mates. Over decades we… See more

from robert March 25, 2017 for Erie V. Boorman, MD

dr boorman is an excellent physician. and he takes great personal interest in his patients. on 1 occasion i needed an immediate consult with one of the the top orthopedic surgeons in los angeles. i called dr boorman at 1 pm and by 4:30 pm he had me booked for a 7 am consult the next morning. i couldn't have asked for more.

from Leonora in CA February 19, 2014 for Erie V. Boorman, MD

I am very grateful that Dr. Erie Boorman is my primary physician. I think he is a competent, skilled doctor and a caring person. I had a medical emergency when I was on vacation 3000 miles away a year and a half ago and contacted Dr. Boorman. He was in touch immediately with the physician assigned to me in the emergency room. He kept in contact with me as well and saw to it that I was seen… See more

from Edith in CA February 12, 2014 for Erie V. Boorman, MD

Dr. Boorman has been my doctor for 29 years. I feel very fortunate to have him as my primary doctor. At every appointment, he has given me his full attention, and I have liked any specialist to whom he has referred me. I would give him the highest recommendation to anyone who asked for a referral.

from Cliff in CA February 11, 2014 for Erie V. Boorman, MD

Dr. Erie Boorman has been my doctor throughout my entire teenage and adult life. For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed my check ups and just knowing that Dr. Boorman is looking after me has brought me a lot of reassurance that I am getting the best care. I love sharing stories about my kids and my life during my annual check ups. I always feel very fortunate to have such… See more

from Norman in CA February 8, 2014 for Erie V. Boorman, MD

I have bee a patient of Dr Boorman for several years. I have always felt comfortable with his diagnosis and manner of treatment, He is easy to speak with and he listens and is extremely knowledgeable .
My decision to join MDVIP was solely because of Dr. Boorman

from Sue in CA February 6, 2014 for Erie V. Boorman, MD

It been a joy to have Dr. Boorman as my doctor--he's very friendly, upbeat and knowledgable. And he listens to what I have to say without judgement.

from Stephen in CA February 7, 2014 for Erie V. Boorman, MD

Dr Boorman is a sweet man a caring physician and had helped me through many crisis .When i had my heart surgery many years ago he came every day to vista me.He is always u beat always cheerful.I rely on him.He is a good example of what a human being can do.H e lives it .He is devoted .

from Janet in CA February 6, 2014 for Erie V. Boorman, MD

Dr Erie Boorman is an incredibly skilled doc with an amazingly kind heart. He always listens patiently, asks good questions and solves the problem. Dr B has an innate talent to explain (in layperson terms) why he's making the recommendation or referral, including what to expect, why & how prescriptions work along with the latest research he's read. As a 9 year cancer survivor… See more

Annual Membership Fee

495.00per quarter
990.00per semi-annual
1,980.00per year