Gayle Cekada, MD

Internal Medicine
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Gayle Cekada, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My goal is to continue to provide excellent and compassionate medical care. The Doctor-Patient relationship is very important to me. My philosophy is to put patients first and to take the time to give personal attention in order to achieve optimal health.

Dr. Cekada's Credentials

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University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Denver, CO
Internal Medicine 1995-1997

University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Denver, CO
Internal Medicine 1994-1995

Medical School:
Tulane University School of Medicine
New Orleans, LA
Doctorate of Medicine 1994
American College of Physicians Internal Medicine Award of Excellence 1994
Ciba-Giegy Award for Outstanding Community Service 1993

University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA
Bachelor of Science, Geological Sciences 1989
Outstanding Senior Award, Department of Geological Sciences 1989
W. Norris Award, Field Geology 1988

American Board of Internal Medicine
- Preventive and wellness care, weight management, nutrition, exercise guidance and geriatric medicine
- My two beautiful children and loving husband. Hiking, cycling, walks on the beach with my dogs. I strongly support the Hearst Cancer Resource Center, a center created by my husband to support those facing cancer

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Cekada

from Susan in CA March 18, 2020 for Gayle Cekada, MD

When I first came to Dr. Cekada, I was pleased at the thoroughness of her exam, and equally important, her caring manner. She trusts my feedback about my body, which many doctors don't, and answers questions and emails quickly, thoroughly, and kindly. It is because of her excellence that I joined with her on MDVIP.

from Helen in CA March 14, 2020 for Gayle Cekada, MD

I feel privileged to have Dr. Cekada as my doctor. She is professional, competent, knowledgeable as well as empathetic, a rare combination for most doctors. When I see her, I feel she is truly interested in my case and gives me her full attention, rather than look at her notes or the computer when talking to me. When I call or email her with a concern, she responds promptly. She explains… See more

from Linda in CA March 12, 2020 for Gayle Cekada, MD

I don’t have a medical drama from which Dr. Cekada saved me. In fact, I am (thankfully) a healthy person with few issues. However, every time I ask a question or a (crazy😄) idea pops in my head, Dr. Cekada is prompt in her reply, focused on my health and dedicated to keeping me on my healthy path. Last fall at my annual appointment she told me I should lose some weight. My weight had been… See more

from jeanne in CA March 11, 2020 for Gayle Cekada, MD

I am soooo glad that she did not make me go to the ER when I described my symptoms for a heart attack. I thought it was a long shot and also thought that most docs would err on the side of caution. Just like she didn’t make me get a scan when I complained of dizziness a few months ago. It WAS allergies. The Claritin worked! I hope my aging process goes on like this until I die of natural… See more

from Bruce in CA March 10, 2020 for Gayle Cekada, MD

In March 2018, I had just returned from a Mexican vacation and was suffering from an upper respiratory condition that had me feeling lousy! After a few days, with no relief & a new fever that was sporadic-I called Dr Cekada and her Capable aide, Chantal- and went in for a visit.
After Dr Cekada asked all the questions related to my health, and after evaluating my symptoms, Dr Cekada… See more

from Nancy in CA March 10, 2018 for Gayle Cekada, MD

Dr. Cekada listens and comes up with a solution. She takes the time to ask many questions. As her patient, sometimes it can be as simple as stress or as serious as cancer and she treats each visit just as important. Iqf I read or have question about a medical condition, Dr. Cekada will always have information for me. I feel important to the doctor.

from Linda in CA March 7, 2018 for Gayle Cekada, MD

Dr. Cekada is amazing! She caught my valley fever early -- when it's difficult to diagnose and easiest to treat. Without her diligence, follow-up and expertise I would have been much sicker. Thank you, Dr. Cekada, for being there for me!