Joseph DeRosa, MD

Internal Medicine
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Joseph DeRosa, MD
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*The lab portion of the annual MDVIP Wellness Program will be billed to patients directly by the lab company at the discounted rate of $70.

My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I have been a physician specializing in internal medicine and primary care for over 20 years. My approach to your care begins with creating and maintaining an environment of comfort, caring, trust and individualized service.

When my patients are at the office, they are the focus of my attention with no interruption, delay or time constraints. The commitment to your health and wellness cannot be rushed. My smaller, concierge-style practice affords my staff and me the time to provide advanced screenings and tests to help identify risk factors and diagnosis and treat issues as early and effectively as possible. We also can focus on planning, prevention and comprehensive coordination of your care. My affiliation with MDVIP has helped me to achieve and improve upon these goals and principles with particular emphasis on cardiac care, bone health, respiratory care, diabetes, fitness, nutrition and more.

Our new state-of-the-art building and facility were designed with overall patient comfort and care in mind. My two long-time nurses, Amy and Lisa, have established personal relationships with each patient, allowing for the highest level of attention and follow-up care.

Having grown up in Westfield, New Jersey, I am an active member of this close-knit community and am proud of my family’s interest and involvement within the community as well. Located in the heart of Westfield, my personalized healthcare practice serves many surrounding areas of Union County and beyond. I am on staff at Overlook Hospital in Summit.

In 2014, I successfully passed my third American Board of Internal Medicine exam. The completion of this rigorous exam underscores my desire as an internist to stay highly trained and abreast of the most current diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in the field of internal medicine.

Although I maintain a small and intimate practice, I am always interested in meeting potential patients who share the same goals for their

Dr. DeRosa's Credentials

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Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Chicago, IL
Internal Medicine 1992-1994

Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Chicago, IL

Medical School:
The Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey/Rutgers
Piscataway, NJ
Doctorate of Medicine 1991

The Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD
Bachelor of Arts, Biology 1987

American Board of Internal Medicine
Overlook Hospital
Outstanding Student in Obstetrics and Gynecology 1990
Webster Award, McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern Memorial Hospital, for the best overall senior Medical Resident 1993-1994
Best Doctor's in America 2007-2008
IPA Associate Medical Director, Northwestern Internists, Ltd 1998-2000
Physician Representative, Credentialing Committee, Cigna Healthcare 1998-2001
Executive Physicals & Disability Management, Bank One 1995-2001
Medical Advisor, Harris Bank, Bank of Montreal 2000-2001
American Board of Internal Medicine
New Jersey

Testimonials from patients of Dr. DeRosa

from Steven July 22, 2019 for Joseph DeRosa, MD

I have a very thorough annual exam with Dr. DeRosa including EKG, Ultrasound, etc. The doctor is very good about communicating results in writing and with test results. I have these in my email inbox and they came in handy the other night. I was admitted to the hospital with chest pains and feared a heart issue (turned out to be GI-related). My EKG at the hospital was irregular and they… See more

from Maureen July 22, 2019 for Joseph DeRosa, MD

In an age when health care is on everyone's mind, my family and I are blessed to have an extraordinary doctor and man take care of us.While preventative medicine is his ultimate goal, he is equally concerned with the chronically ill. Dr. Derosa is brilliant; he diagnoses maladies long before the ologists have weighed in. In addition. his compassion, concern, and attention are unmatched… See more

from Paul May 5, 2019 for Joseph DeRosa, MD

I have been a patient of Dr Joseph DeRosa for close to 20 years, even before MDVIP. My 68 year medical history includes the last 54 years as a Type 1 Diabetic (minimal complications). With this background, I have had treatment by numerous doctors and specialist besides the typical Endocrinologist. General Practitioners and Internal Medicine professionals have their place, but through my… See more

from Shirley in NJ March 10, 2018 for Joseph DeRosa, MD

Each visit has been a great opportunity to share and hear what specific health suggestions are best for ME. I appreciate the time, wisdom and expertise, and relationship that has developed. I plan to be around for a LONG time and I will need you for each of those days. God bless you always.

A pleased health champion!!!!

from Janet in NJ March 8, 2018 for Joseph DeRosa, MD

We are so pleased that we decided to join Dr. DeRosas MDVIP practice. He has been extremely responsive whenever we have had a medical issue. We feel that we are in very good hands. He takes the time to actually listen to his patients. We never feel rushed. His nurse, Lisa, is terrific as well. In addition, we are always greeted cheerfully by his office manager, Amy.

from Mildred and John in NJ March 7, 2018 for Joseph DeRosa, MD

Some time ago our then physician announced his retirement from active practice and suggested a potential replacement. This gave us an opportunity to truly review what we as a family were looking for in our physician. We came to the conclusion that logically our future physician would have to be not only highly regarded in the medical field but also young enough to survive us. In our… See more

from Larisa in NJ March 7, 2018 for Joseph DeRosa, MD

I recently joined Dr. Joe DeRosa's practice after my husband had been his patient for a couple of years. To say that was a sound decision is an understatement. The stellar treatment Dr. DeRosa gives goes far beyond the boundaries of medicine. Here's the thing about him...He truly cares. He genuinely and truly cares about his patients and their lives. It's impossible to… See more

Amy Maza, who works for MDVIP affiliate Dr. Joseph DeRosa in West Field, NJ, is an MDVIP Ambassador for going above and beyond the call of duty and making her patients feel welcome, valued and loved.

"The person who is most impactful in my life… See more