Joseph W Zebley III, MD, FAAFP

Family Medicine
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Joseph W Zebley III, MD, FAAFP
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I have been in practice since the 1970s and have seen a significant change in the patient-physician relationship in many practices.
In 2006, I became an MDVIP-affiliated physician in order to offer my patients a return to a slower, more personal kind of family medicine. As a result, I am able focus on the art of medicine as well as the diagnostic aspects. Medicine is much more than simply diagnosing disease and dispensing remedies. The act of carefully listening and actually hearing patients has a tremendous positive influence on their wellness. Good health is a consequence not only from tests and medications but also from the personal relationship between you and me.

Dr. Zebley's Credentials

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University of Maryland Hospital, Department of Family Medicine
Baltimore, MD
Family Medicine 1977-1979

University of Maryland Hospital, Department of Family Medicine
Baltimore, MD

Medical School:
Universite Louis Pasteur
Faculte de Medicines
Strasbourg, France 1970-1974
University of Maryland Medical School
Baltimore, MD 1974-1976

Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD
Bachelor of Arts 1970

Diplomate, American Board of Family Medicine with added qualifications in Geriatrics
Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore, MD
St. Joseph Medical Center, Towson, MD
Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Baltimore, MD
Home Care Physician of the Year, Union Memorial Hospital Hospice 1989
Volunteer Rookie-of-the-Year Award, American Heart Association, MD Affiliate 1993
Family Physician of the Year Award, MAFP 1995
The Henry Laughlin Award, Med Chi For Excellence as a Trustee 1999 and 2005
Best Doctors in America® 1996-2014
Baltimore Magazine, Top Doctors, 2017
Clinical Instructor Developmental Biology, Strasbourg, France 1972-1974
Clinical Instructor of Family Medicine University of Maryland 1979-present
Instructor Occupational Medicine, Dept. of Preventive Medicine, University of Maryland Medical School 1994-2000
Instructor Biomedical Ethics, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, at Keswick Nursing Home under Professor Peter Dans
Baltimore City Medical Society 1979-present, President 1998
Delegate to Med Chi, The Maryland State Medical Society 1985-present
Med Chi Board of trustees from Baltimore City 1994-2000
Speaker of H.O.D. 2002-2006
American Medical Association
Consultant on Home Care Curriculum for AMA 1994-1996
Maryland Academy of Family Physicians 1978-present, President 1989-1990
Editorial Board The Maryland Family Doctor 1990-present
Alternate Delegate and Delegate to the AAFP 1996-2000, Delegation Chair 1998-2000
Maryland Family Physicians Foundation Charter Member 1988-present, President 1990-1991
American Academy of Family Physicians 1979-present
Mead Johnson Award Committee 1990-2000
Delegate to the AMA
from Rose in MD March 18, 2018 for Joseph W Zebley III, MD, FAAFP

Dear Dr. Zebley,

Happy National Doctors Day!

This year 2018 marks 31 years of you being my Primary Care Physician. Please know that I am extremely grateful for all those years you have been kind and attentive to my medical needs as well as those of my family. You have been with us through thick and thin, joy and tears, illness and wellness.

I remember the days when you… See more

from Dee in MD March 16, 2018 for Joseph W Zebley III, MD, FAAFP

I have been a patient of Dr.Zebley for over 35 years, and cannot imagine going to another doctor. Over the years he has treated members of my family too, and he has always been spot-on with his diagnosis. Even if he sends me to a specialist, I usually go knowing that he is right, and the specialist is just confirming his diagnosis. I totally trust my health care to him, and already mourn… See more

from Adam in MD March 6, 2018 for Joseph W Zebley III, MD, FAAFP

Dr Zebley has been unfailingly caring and helpful as I have gone through a series of crises due to being blind and suffering from hydrocephalus, including recently when the combined disabilities caused me to fall and crack open my skull, leading to almost two months in the hospital. Without even being asked, Dr. Zebley came to visit me in the rehabilitation center, to make certain that I was… See more

from Raymond in MD March 3, 2018 for Joseph W Zebley III, MD, FAAFP

Dr. Zebley is a great diagnostician and overall a real Mensch.

from Patricia in MD March 3, 2018 for Joseph W Zebley III, MD, FAAFP

Having Dr. Zebley as my primary care physician gives me a great deal of peace of mind. The reason is he cares about me and my welfare. I have the confidence that when I call his office I will be treated with kindness and respect by Dr. Zebley, as well as his staff. I first contacted him because I was told by so many of my friends that he was the best doctor around. When I had to leave my… See more

from Edward in MD March 2, 2018 for Joseph W Zebley III, MD, FAAFP
Image provided by: Edward

Thanks Dr. Zeb for keeping me alive and walking upright over the last 35 years.
It's amazing how the healing combination of your good medicine and bad jokes work magic!
Thanks again for being there and also, for having several older cars.

from Betsy in MD February 28, 2018 for Joseph W Zebley III, MD, FAAFP

Wow...A Day to Celebrate. You lucky guy.
I always appreciate you et al.

from Colleen in MD February 27, 2018 for Joseph W Zebley III, MD, FAAFP

Readily approachable and available. Kind with good humor. A serious listener, Imfeel heard. And always, good medicine.

from Jamie in MD February 26, 2018 for Joseph W Zebley III, MD, FAAFP

He has been our family doctor since 1983. Before that he was my mother's family doctor and his care, treatment and counseling made the last years of her life more rich with more vigor and less worry. After the birth of our three children he was the first physician (after the hospitals) to see them and give them their exams. They still follow with him 30+ years later. There is no rush… See more

from Lynn November 16, 2017 for Joseph W Zebley III, MD, FAAFP

Great physician. Dr. Zebley pulled me through a very serious illness. He has a vast knowledge of medicine and a gentle and kind demeanor with patients. I do like knowing if a problem arises that needs urgent medical attention that Dr. Zebley is available by picking up the phone. He has always resolved the issue whether it be his direct care or someone else. I value his opinion tremendously.… See more