Mark W. Heisler, MD

Family Medicine
10900 North Scottsdale Road Suite 205
Scottsdale, AZ 85254 Get Directions

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I decided to become a doctor when I realized I cared how people feel, and I think my patients sense this in me. Over time a trust develops between patient and doctor and can be used to guide patients to wellness. MDVIP offers a chance to practice preventive care in an environment that allows time to focus on better health. A close and personal relationship with my patients allows us to be effective partners in wellness.

Dr. Heisler's Credentials

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Scottsdale Memorial Hospital Osborn
Scottsdale, AZ
Family Practice 1980

Scottsdale Memorial Hospital Osborn
Scottsdale, AZ
Medical 1978

Medical School:
University of North Dakota Medical School
Grand Forks, ND
Doctorate of Medicine 1977

Langdon Hospital
Langdon, ND
Medical 1974-1975

Concordia College
Moorhead, MN
Bachelor of Science, Zoology 1972

Certified Clinical Densitometry
Scottsdale Healthcare
Maricopa County Medical Society
American Academy of Family Physicians
Arizona Academy of Family Physicians
Arizona State Medical Society
from James April 3, 2017 for Mark W. Heisler, MD

I am 67 years old, have lived in 4 different states, have moved 20+ times to several different cities, all of which required seeking new doctors. Dr. Heisler was our family doctor until we moved away from Scottsdale AZ. over 22 years ago. We returned to Scottsdale 2 years ago and were so happy to be able to once again have Dr. Heisler as our personal healthcare physician. The care we receive… See more

from alton March 27, 2017 for Mark W. Heisler, MD

Mark Heisler has been my doctor for over 30 years and I couldn't hope for a better one. He is thorough patient, and with good humor accepting of my eccentricities.

from Diane March 21, 2017 for Mark W. Heisler, MD

I knew Dr HEISLER before he became envolved with MDVIP. I have friends that socialize with him and his lovely wife. MDVIP has allowed us access to great care quickly. Me husband passed almost two years now. Dr HEISLER's concern and care has been a blessing. He's a compassionate man. A good friend. Ever caring for the best care for me now. Someone who spends the time to talk to you in… See more

from David in AZ February 24, 2014 for Mark W. Heisler, MD

Many years of great care by Dr. Mark Heisler is the reason I (David) am here today. Our family has been with Dr. Heisler's practice since 1980 and have been participants in the mdvip program for the past couple of years. He and his staff have always been very responsive to our needs relative to health care and ideas for better life habits. We thank him very much and will continue to… See more

from Stephen in AZ February 21, 2014 for Mark W. Heisler, MD

I was having my annual physical exam. Early in the exam, an EKG showed no problem. As Dr. H. was listening to my chest, he suddenly detected a very abnormal heartbeat - - atrial fibrillation too rapid to count. Within a very short time, he had talked with our Cardiologist, contacted the ER doctor to notify of a patient coming in, and I was on the way to the ER. An overnight stay and meds… See more

from Ronald in AZ February 8, 2014 for Mark W. Heisler, MD

Dr. Mark Heisler is extremely personable and professional every time I call or see him. He and MDVIP have made my health care a refreshing breeze. Almost instantaneous care when I visit. It's not an ordeal but it is a true friend caring for me.

Thank You Dr. Heisler

from Sake in AZ February 7, 2014 for Mark W. Heisler, MD

Dr. Mark Heisler has made such an impact in our family lives, that we simply can't thank him enough for the care and consideration he has given us. His generosity in giving us his time, in listening to our concerns, and sharing his recommendations in a thoughtful way are a God send.

Thank you Dr. Heisler

from Wendy in AZ February 7, 2014 for Mark W. Heisler, MD

He is great; motivated; concerned; and understanding of goals. He knows I am adverse to medications in theory and he makes medication a last resort and only after explaining the necessity. I think he always has my best interest at heart. Very personable!

from Nancy in AZ February 7, 2014 for Mark W. Heisler, MD

Having grown up with a father who was a physician, I came to know the high level of character quality and diagnosic skill necessary to best serve both patient and the honorable practice of medicine. Dr. Heisler is a physician of such high caliber, who recognizes the interwoven nature between the personhood of his patients and the concern they present to him. Patients, in this current… See more

from George in AZ February 6, 2014 for Mark W. Heisler, MD

I was in sometimes extreme pain due to what I thought was a urinary tract infection. After talking to Dr. Heisler for less than a minute, he immediately diagnosed as a prostate infection, symptoms relieved over a weekend with a flomax prescription.
His ability to diagnose correctly with minimal testing testifies to his skill as a physician.

Annual Membership Fee

412.50per quarter
825.00per semi-annual
1,650.00per year