Nancy W. Liu, MD

Internal Medicine
5250 Far Hills Avenue Suite 250
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Nancy W. Liu, MD

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

As we evolve in this world our goals in life and what we value in life also evolves. Living healthy is having the ability to attain these goals and live by these values. I am an adviser, an advocate and a partner to my patients in their quest in living healthy. I believe patients are empowered when I care and want to be there at their time of need.

Dr. Liu's Credentials

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Kettering Medical Center
Kettering, OH

Kettering Medical Center
Kettering, OH

Medical School:
Northeastern Ohio Medical University
Rootstown, OH
Doctorate of Medicine 1996

Youngstown State University
Youngstown, OH
Bachelor of Science, Combined Sciences 1992

Kettering Medical Center Network
America's Top Physicians 2013
American College of Physicians
Ohio State Medical Association
Montgomery County Medical Society

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Testimonials from patients of Dr. Liu

from Janelle in OH March 30, 2020 for Nancy W. Liu, MD

Dr Liu has continually been there for my husband and me. She went beyond what was expected coordinating with a Doctor and my husband in Florida in bringing me back to Ohio for needed immediate treatment. She coordinated with the doctors and hospital staff for my immediate entry into a hospital upon return and had all the specialists lined up to take care of me. She was amazing! She has… See more

from Theresa in OH March 13, 2020 for Nancy W. Liu, MD

I am a cancer survivor , have active /non-active alcoholics in my life , have over the years lost parents and had a lot of Life happen. My past doctors were not able to be present for me when I needed them. I was always stuck talking to the receptionist and it would be days for them to get back to me or they would lose my message.
Dr Liu is an active part of my health and life.. she has… See more

from Balamma in OH March 11, 2020 for Nancy W. Liu, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Liu for several years. No matter what time I call her day or night, she answers the call and provides appropriate care.
If my problem is not her speciality, she will refer me to a specialist.
I am extremely satisfied with the way she takes care of me.

from Papaiah in OH March 11, 2020 for Nancy W. Liu, MD

Dr. Nancy Liu is very smart and caring person. I am very proud to be a patient of her. She takes very good care on a timely manner.

from Bruce in OH March 10, 2020 for Nancy W. Liu, MD

Dr. Liu has always been available through her web portal whenever I needed medical advice on one of my frequent bicycle vacations (I often have minor accidents when biking in strange areas), but more importantly she has actively encouraged me to increase the amount of cycling I do as a good way to strengthen my cardiovascular condition. She referred me to an excellent cycle gym that gave me a… See more

from Joy in OH March 10, 2020 for Nancy W. Liu, MD

More than anything I appreciate being able to be able to contact Dr Liu if I have a concern. She listens, researches if necessary and either manages my problem or refers me right away to a specialist. I have had some unusual problems that she got to the root of with her perseverance and hard work. She and her staff truly care for her patients and their well being. I feel very blessed to call… See more

from Joyce in OH February 28, 2020 for Nancy W. Liu, MD

My health would be far worse today if I had not started seeing Dr. Liu. She has uncovered small issues and bigger issues that have greatly impacted my health and my lifestyle. No matter how odd the symptom, she researches it and finds the appropriate treatment or Referral for me. She is always willing to listen to my own researches and talk over possible solutions. I am forever grateful I… See more

from Marie in OH March 25, 2018 for Nancy W. Liu, MD

When Dr. Liu took over for my dr who was moving, she did a complete workup and discovered I was Type 2 diabetic. That began a journey that has led me to lose over 70 lbs and (most of the time) get my A1C under control. She has encouraged me, made suggestions, and always taken an interest in other things I do - like running and going to Disney. She continues to make me want to keep improving my… See more

from Marcia in OH March 17, 2018 for Nancy W. Liu, MD

Thanks, Dr. Liu, for all you've done for my family over the years. We met you in year 2000 when my husband was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. You were his primary physician, and since then you have been trusted family doctor for me and other members of my family.
When my late mom was too disabled to visit your office, you made house calls to see her. You visited with her… See more