L. Randolph Chisholm, MD

Family Medicine
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L. Randolph Chisholm, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My goal as a primary care physician is to prevent or at least minimize your risks for disease and illness rather than treat a potential problem. 
In my MDVIP-affiliated practice, you can expect to be treated in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You will benefit from my 39 years of experience and desire to know you not only as a patient but a person as well. 
Some of my professional interests and areas of focus include preventive medicine and education with special attention to cardiovascular health, hypertension and diabetes. 
As one of the few family practice doctors in central Virginia, I provide a level of care that can help encourage you and those you care about to live a happy and healthy life. 
My primary care practice is located in Midlothian, Virginia and currently serves Central Virginia and the Richmond area, including Amelia, Chester, Cumberland, Petersburg, Farmville, Richmond, Ashland, Midlothian, Henrico, Hanover, Powhatan and Goochland. I am affiliated with HCA hospitals.

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Dr. Chisholm's Credentials

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Chippenham Hospital
Richmond, VA

Chippenham Hospital - Chesterfield Family Practice
Richmond, VA

Medical School:
Easter Virginia Medical School
Norfolk, VA
Doctorate of Medicine 1977

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Blacksburg, VA
Bachelor of Science, Biology 1974

Johnston Willis Hospital
Staff Member, Johnston Willis Hospital 1980-present
Richmond Academy of Medicine
- Treasurer 2008-present
- Trustee 2007-2008
American Academy of Family Physicians
Virginia Academy of Family Physicians
Virginia Medical Society
Richmond Academy of Medicine

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Chisholm

from Doris in VA March 21, 2020 for L. Randolph Chisholm, MD

Doctor Randolph Chisholm is a credit to his profession. His professional expertise as a medical doctor has been demonstrated time and again. I have been a patient of Doctor Chisholm for almost 30 years. His advice and treatment have helped me through some difficult times. It is because of physicians like Doctor Chisholm that make me thankful for our great medical support.

from Thomas in VA March 16, 2020 for L. Randolph Chisholm, MD

Dr. Chisholm has been our family physician
for 36 years. He helped us raise our
children by ably attending to their health needs and continues to help my wife and
me live in a healthy and positive way. When
hospital stays were part of our experience,
he was always attentive and empathetic,
making sure we received excellent care. Over the years, he has helped… See more

from Robert in VA March 12, 2020 for L. Randolph Chisholm, MD

After several years of ongoing frustration with the medical attention my wife and I were receiving, we moved to Dr. Randy Chishom. That experience has been like traveling to a different planet. The attention provided by Dr. Randy Chishom is remarkable and our only regret is that we did not make the move sooner.

If fact the experience has been so rewarding, we have moved my 96 year old… See more

from Charles in VA March 11, 2020 for L. Randolph Chisholm, MD

He is far superior to the well known TV spot ad for American Express....... For darn sure don’t even think of leaving home without being a member of his MDVIP practice !!!!!!!

from Tomhomas in VA March 11, 2020 for L. Randolph Chisholm, MD

When I was 46, I had a routine annual physical with Dr. Chisholm. I have had high cholesterol for most of my life so I always do blood work leading up to my physical...and he always knows what tests to run. That year, at the end of my physical, he got a little serious and said "There is one item in your blood work that you can't ignore and you need to go get a further test on....your… See more

from Doris in VA March 7, 2018 for L. Randolph Chisholm, MD

It has been my good fortune to have Doctor Chisholm as my family doctor. He is highly respected by all who know him. Just knowing that he is there if I need medical treatment or advice is very comforting. He is a true professional and has always diagnosed my medical problems correctly. I am glad that I can use this opportunity to say how grateful I am to him.

from Connie in VA March 4, 2018 for L. Randolph Chisholm, MD

Dr. Chisholm has been my physician for many years. He has rescued me from my worst practice which is diagnosing myself and usually being wrong! He is always the voice of reason, comforting but never patronizing and acknowledging any concerns with wise advice. So, this isn't a story, it is a tribute to a kind, caring, patient and special physician! Thanks Dr. Chisholm.

from Michael in VA March 1, 2018 for L. Randolph Chisholm, MD

On December 18, 2017 I was in my backyard when I felt a sharp pain shoot across my chest. I called Dr. Chisholm my MDVIP Dr. He answered the call on the first ring and advised my to get to a hospital NOW!!. I arrived a Johnston-Willis hospital in Richmond, VA. and cardiac arrested at the registration decks, I was revived there and sent to a heart hospital and had a successful cardiac stents… See more