Robin A. Braver, MD

Internal Medicine
12989 Southern Boulevard Suite 204
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I like to think of my relationships with my patients as a partnership: you and I working together in a highly personalized atmosphere to achieve your health and lifestyle goals. It takes tenacity, knowledge, time and passion on both our parts. My staff and I are committed to providing you with the very best experience every time you enter my primary care office.

My individualized approach, similar to care offered in a concierge practice, places the focus on your unique needs. As our healthcare system becomes more and more complex, having an advocate by your side is a necessity. Thanks to my partnership with MDVIP, I have the time to do just that – be your private doctor, guide you in the right direction and be there for you when you need me most.

I am one of the few female internal medicine primary care physicians in North Palm Beach County with a particular emphasis on fitness, nutrition, wellness and prevention. My practice serves all of North Palm Beach County in Florida, including Wellington, Loxahatchee, West Palm Beach and Royal Palm Beach. I am also an attending physician at Palms West Hospital. I believe firmly in following my patients when they are hospitalized, as I know them best.

Dr. Braver's Credentials

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Coney Island Hospital
Brooklyn, NY

Coney Island Hospital
Brooklyn, NY

Medical School:
St. George's University School of Medicine
Grenada, West Indies
Doctorate of Medicine 1987

Clark University
Worcester, MA
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry 1982

Palms West Hospital
Spending time with family, traveling, skiing, yoga and sailing
from Harry January 30, 2018 for Robin A. Braver, MD

Dr Braver is the best, when my wife and I first started seeing Dr Braver my wife was having some stomach issues. She had been to a specialist that told her there was nothing wrong and the pains she was experiencing would eventually pass. That there was really nothing to be done.

About a week later, my wife went to see Dr B for a routine visit and the first question from Dr B was, So… See more

from Arline March 30, 2017 for Robin A. Braver, MD

My husband and I have been with Dr. Braver for 16 years. My husband passed away last year. Through the years we have both had many many office visits with Dr. Braver and always left the office feeling special. Dr. Braver is more than a Doctor a friend as well. Just can't say enough Love Dr. Braver

from Leona in FL February 12, 2015 for Robin A. Braver, MD

I joined MDVIP because I wantd to stay with my internist and kknow that she was available to me when I needed her. we have a nice relaationship and I feel comfortable when I go for my check-ups. At my age I need someone like her to treat me.

from Frieda in FL March 12, 2014 for Robin A. Braver, MD

I love Dr. Braver! Even before I joined MDVIP she took the time to know about me ad my personal needs. Now there is more one/one time and I love thee feeling that my health is important to her.

from Barbara in FL February 24, 2014 for Robin A. Braver, MD

I would just like Dr. Braver to know that I feel very confident in knowing that she is my doctor. I feel secure in the knowledge that if faced with any type of emergency she will be there for me as well as for routine situations. I have always been proactice with my heatlh.
I like what MDVIP has to offer.

from Jackie in FL February 24, 2014 for Robin A. Braver, MD

When I met Dr. Braver a few years back she was my husbands doctor. I told my husband that she was very good and cares about your heath. I also told him she is going to be my doctor. Unfortunately at that time Dr. Braver was unable to see me due to the overwhelming of patients she was seeing. I had the opportunity a little over a year ago to go with my husband to a seminar in regards to… See more

from Dvora in FL February 14, 2014 for Robin A. Braver, MD

Several weeks after Dr. Braver changed her practice to be part of MDVIP, I had a serious accident while in the Czech Republic on vacation. I fell off my bicycle and shattered my pelvis. I called her and she immediately used her MDVIP connection to help me get a bed at the Hospital for Special Surgeries in where the chief of trauma operated on me a week later.

from Harriet in FL February 14, 2014 for Robin A. Braver, MD

When I fractured my hip aboard a cruise ship in the Bahamas and needed to return to the USA and have my personal orthopedic surgeon perform the necessary operation. Dr.Braver contacted my surgeon on his private cell phone line. By alerting him in advance that I would be at the hospital where he is affiliated. my doctor came in especially for me, performed the necessary surgery as his only… See more

from Cheryl in FL February 10, 2014 for Robin A. Braver, MD

Dr. Braver and I have known each other personally and professionally for many years. When she decided to join the MDVIP program, I couldn't imagine having anyone else as my physician. During a visit I have always felt that she made the time to listen and speak with me. I know she always has my best interest in mind, even though I am not the ideal patient following Dr's orders. Now… See more

from Lorraine in FL February 10, 2014 for Robin A. Braver, MD

Dr. Braver is an incredible doctor. In 2000 I was suffering from Epstein Barr. The doctor I had at the time seemed too busy to take time for me. A friend of mine told Dr. Braver how sick I was. Dr. Braver took the time to call me personally. I became her patient that day. Since that time, she has always been there for me. Whether I have a sore throat, or having to be hospitalized for… See more

Annual Membership Fee

412.50per quarter
825.00per semi-annual
1,650.00per year