Scott Moss, MD

Internal Medicine
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I am in my 25th year in the practice of internal medicine and have seen many changes in the healthcare environment. As a young physician many years back, the main focus seemed to be on "sick care". But after seeing so many preventable illnesses, my focus has shifted to "well care", and as an MDVIP-affiliated physician, I have the tools and support to be proactive instead of reactive. The ability to spend time with my patients educating them, coaching them and being their "quarterback" has been an extremely rewarding experience for my patients and me. It has helped me to nurture perhaps the most important aspect of medicine, the physician-patient relationship.

Dr. Moss' Credentials

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Charlotte Memorial Hospital & Medical Center
Charlotte, NC
Internal Medicine 1984-1986

Charlotte Memorial Hospital & Medical Center
Charlotte, NC

Medical School:
Wake Forest University, Bowman Gray School of Medicine
Winston Salem, NC
Doctorate of Medicine 1983

Pfeiffer College
Misenheimer, NC
Bachelor of Science, Biology 1979

American Board of Internal Medicine
Carolinas Medical Center
President Freshman Class, Pfeiffer College 1975
Resident Director, Pfeiffer College 1975-1979
Student Honor Society, Pfeiffer College 1978-1979
Graduated Cum Laude, Pfeiffer College 1979
Fisher Outstanding Citizenship Award, Pfeiffer College 1979
Castle Connolly Top Doctor 2000
Chairman Department of Medicine, University Hospital 1988-1989
Medical Director, Huntersville Oaks Nursing Center 1989-2002
Vice-Chairman of Medicine Staff, University Hospital 1990-1992
Chairman Credential Committee, University Hospital 1990-1992
Chief of Staff, University Hospital 1992-1994
Chairman Executive Committee Meeting 1992-1994
Medical Director YMCA/Carolinas Medical Center, University/Lake Norman Branches 1999-present
Team Physician, The University of North Carolina, Charlotte Athletics 1987-2006
National Lipid Association 2004-present
from Monroe February 13, 2018 for Scott Moss, MD

Joining mdvip is unquestionably the best healthcare decision I have ever made. What makes this special is the fact that I have an incredibly competent and caring provider in Dr. Scott Moss. He checks all the boxes in terms of my expectations of my personal Doctor. Incidentally, my spouse is a patient of Dr. Moss as well and shares the views I have expressed. He does your organization proud… See more

from Constance March 28, 2017 for Scott Moss, MD

I have trusted Dr. Moss as my personal physician for many years and feel as if he is a great diagnostician - always available and I feel just like he is part of my family. I can highly recommend him.

from Victor March 27, 2017 for Scott Moss, MD

I have been alive for 62 years, and Dr. Moss is by far, the very best, most professional, friendly Doctor that I have ever seen!

Not only does Dr. Moss help me get better when something is wrong with me, I always learn something about how to better care for myself, and decrease the chance of disease. He is always very detailed when performing an examination, plus he actually takes the… See more

from Victor in NC February 17, 2015 for Scott Moss, MD

I believe Dr. Moss saved my life by reviewing my PSA scores over a 36 month period, prostate cancer was later confirmed via biopsy. I have been told that the cancer was detected 10 to 15 years before I would have had any physical symptoms, and discovered early enough so it was still isolated to the prostate. I was treated with the CyberKnife and still kept full functionality, thanks to Dr.… See more

from Victor in NC December 28, 2014 for Scott Moss, MD

Doctor Moss is very interested in his patients health, he is pro-active in helping me manage my health rather than react to my physical symptoms of illness. I firmly believe that if he is not the best MD in Charlotte, he is definitely in the top 10.

In 2007 Dr. Moss saw that my PSA score had gone up over a 36 month period,
I was referred to a specialist, a biopsy confirmed… See more

from Wade in NC March 21, 2014 for Scott Moss, MD

Dr. Moss is the most understanding and caring doctor that I have ever known. I am very comfortable with his care and knowledge of my health issues. I have never had any problems getting an appointment when necessary. And his staff is also very good.

from Detra in NC March 18, 2014 for Scott Moss, MD

Dr. Moss always conveys an atmosphere of caring and thoughtfulness of his patients. I called him on a Saturday morning and he answered the phone and resolved my issue. ...just like that! WOW! Dr. Moss has always provided quality 1-1 service before MDVIP and now MDVIP allows him to do more and did deeper into his patients to help provide overall wellness. He is much appreciated.

from rollinsd in NC March 17, 2014 for Scott Moss, MD

I may be to late with my response, but what I will say isHe is the greatest.

from Kenneth in NC February 26, 2014 for Scott Moss, MD

Feel like a visit to my friend that just happens to be my Doctor.

from Marie in NC February 24, 2014 for Scott Moss, MD

Dr. Moss has been our doctor for over 25 years. He is a very kind, compassionate doctor who always listens to his patients.. I will never forget when I lost my second sister to ovarian cancer.
He knew my family history, and how upset I was at that time. While in his office he called my gynecologist himself, and made an appointment for me. This is only one example of the kind of… See more

Annual Membership Fee

412.50per quarter
825.00per semi-annual
1,650.00per year