Stephen A. Hoffmann, MD

Internal Medicine
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

The entire focus of my practice is the passionate conviction that an ongoing personalized approach to care is the cornerstone of true wellness for everyone. Taking the time to get to know each patient as an individual, with particular interests, needs and concerns; and tailoring an appropriate and unique plan of care for each and every one of you is what truly good doctoring is all about. My practice will support this important goal of helping you achieve the best overall wellness possible by allowing us to stay in close touch, providing me the means to fine tune your health and wellness needs on an ongoing basis.

Dr. Hoffmann's Credentials

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Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA
Junior Medical Resident 1982-1983
Senior Medical Resident 1984-1985

Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA

Medical School:
Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA
Doctorate of Medicine 1981


Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA
Clinical Fellow, Ambulatory Medicine 1983-1984

New England Deaconess Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA
Clinical Fellow, Infectious Disease 1985-1986
Research Fellow, Infectious Disease 1986-1987

Princeton University
Princeton, NJ
Bachelor of Arts, Biochemistry, Science and Human Affairs 1977
Summa Cum Laude

Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
Drug Enforcement Administration
Diplomate, Subspecialty of Infectious Disease
MetroWest Medical Center
Readers Choice Award, Community Newspaper Company 2007-present
Compassionate Doctor Award, American Registry 2011-present
Princeton University
- Phi Beta Kappa, Academic Honor Society
- Sigma Xi, Scientific Research Society
MetroWest Medical Center
- House Staff Teaching 1989-present
- Quality Assurance Committee 2005-present
- Chairman, Institutional Review Board 1992-2003
- Director of Research 1996-2002
Ethics and Grievances Committee, Massachusetts Medical Society 2002-2006
Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, Cigna Healthcare of Massachusetts 1994-1996
from Tamara in MA February 9, 2014 for Stephen A. Hoffmann, MD

In addition to being a wonderful doctor and person Dr. Hoffmann is always available for advice, has tremendous knowledge, and always shows concern and compassion. He follows through with research, phone calls to specialists, and you just know he has your best interests at heart. Dr. Hoffmann is truly an expert in being a doctor and I am forever grateful to him for his medical expertise and… See more

from Geraldine & James in MA February 8, 2014 for Stephen A. Hoffmann, MD

We feel it is very comforting to know that we can reach Dr. Hoffman 24/7. We have also been very pleased with the specialists he has recommended when they were needed. We find Dr. Hoffman to be a very caring person so attuned to our medical needs.

from David in MA February 8, 2014 for Stephen A. Hoffmann, MD

I was in China, having difficulty with the air pollution, and Dr. Hoffmann was available to me by email, offering advice. Then when that turned worse, and I travelled from China to Japan, he was right there with email information to share with the Japanese doctors when I went to the hospital in Hamamtsu. And when we decided it was best for me to cancel the rest of my trip and get home, he was… See more

from Dennis in MA February 7, 2014 for Stephen A. Hoffmann, MD

What I like most about Dr. Hoffmann is that he likes people. It shows in his work. He cares about what he does, He is truly intrigued by medicine and the human body. Even the very best doctors sometimes seem bored or rushed. When you sit down in Dr. Hoffmann's office you get the feeling that he's thinking you just made my day better. Sounds corny? Yeah.

Unless you are one… See more

from Paul in MA February 6, 2014 for Stephen A. Hoffmann, MD

I had a bulging vein in my leg and Dr. Hoffmann sent me immediately to have an ultrasound to confirm a blood clot. He then had a suspicion that turned out to be correct. After seeing a specialist (recommended by Dr. Hoffmann) I was diagnosed with Leydon Factor 5, a hereditary blood condition causing clotting. I was able to tell my family members to be aware of it and get tested. It turned… See more

from Michael in MA February 6, 2014 for Stephen A. Hoffmann, MD

The highest praise I can give to Stephen is that he is a scientist with the heart of a poet. He knows the technical aspect of medicine but treats the whole person.

from Maureen in MA February 6, 2014 for Stephen A. Hoffmann, MD

Dr. Hoffman has been my husband's PCP for over 20 years. As an RN, I went to a physician associated with the hospital where I worked. As I neared retirement, I wanted to have someone local. I was apprehensive about the change, a I worked at the #2 rated hospital in the US. My experience with Dr. Hoffmann and his staff has been excellent. In addition to his outstanding diagnostic skills,… See more

Annual Membership Fee

450.00per quarter
900.00per semi-annual
1,800.00per year