S. Kent Olvey, MD

Internal Medicine
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S. Kent Olvey, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I believe a doctor can't care for his patients unless he cares about them. I care about you. I will do all I can to enable you to be healthy and well.

Dr. Olvey's Credentials

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Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX
Internal Medicine 1976-1977
Senior Medical Resident

Johns Hopkins Hospital
Baltimore, MD

Medical School:
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX
Doctorate of Medicine 1974

College of Medicine
Houston, TX
Pulmonary 1977-1979

Regis University
Colorado Springs, CO
Master of Business Administration 1989

Brown University
Providence, RI
Bachelor of Arts, Biology and Economics 1971

American Board of Internal Medicine
American Board of Pulmonary Disease
Memorial Hospital
Penrose St. Francis Hospital
Memorial Hospital
 - Chief of Staff 2000-2002
 - Board Member 1992-2000
American College of Physicians
American Medical Associates
Southern Medical Society
from Robert in CO March 15, 2018 for S. Kent Olvey, MD
Image provided by: Robert

Doctor Olvey has been a great health advocate for me. He listens to me and doesnt discount my input as my old PCP did. With Doctor Olvey, I feel like the two of us are in a well run partnership.

from Patricia Elaine in CO March 12, 2018 for S. Kent Olvey, MD

Dr. Olvey has saved my life by his expert ability to diagnose and treat. He has also saved my husband's life! I had sepsis and cellulitis due to a cat bite. My husband had a cardiac issue that Dr. Olvey diagnosed and treated promptly. We continue to rely on one of the finest diagnosticians and physicians in Colorado Springs. We value his promptness in treatment and his ability to see… See more

from Howard in CO March 6, 2018 for S. Kent Olvey, MD

great service

from Sharon in CO March 5, 2018 for S. Kent Olvey, MD

Doctor Olvey was very welcoming and highly concerned for my father's health. The personal attention for his needs were exceptional. He was always there when we needed anything. His staff Anya and Hope were extremely helpful as well. My father is now in a nursing home due to other complications but we appreciate the opportunity to have had Dr. Olvey as our servicing physician, and couldn… See more

from Joann in CO March 3, 2018 for S. Kent Olvey, MD

As a nearly-77-year-old patient of Dr. Olvey, I feel I have received excellent care from him and his nurses for my relatively few health concerns, excellent referrals to specialists for those concerns, and helpful, very thorough and reassuring annual medical exams. I am very grateful to him; however, I am even more grateful as the wife of another of Dr. Olvey's patients because I feel… See more

from Han in CO March 3, 2018 for S. Kent Olvey, MD

In 2015 when I was 81, I had open heart surgery to cut out a large aneurysm on the rising aorta right above my heart, by-pass a 90 blockage right beyond the aneurysm, and do another by-pass. The surgeon tried to close my chest ten times. I had a heart attack on the table. I was left unconscious for 12 more hours. I spent 2.5 weeks in the hospital and 4 weeks in a recovery center. I did not… See more

from Fred in CO March 2, 2018 for S. Kent Olvey, MD
Image provided by: Fred

Dr. Olvey has really been helpful to me with my Diabetes. He has helped me lower my A1C significantly and I went from three injections daily to just one. He has made himself available to me on his cell phone a lot. I also enjoy the friendly relationship I have with Doc Olvey ........makes going to the doctor a not so bad thing (I used to hate going to the doctor).

from Vernon in CO March 2, 2018 for S. Kent Olvey, MD

Always available when needed in the office or by phone.

from ronald in CO March 1, 2018 for S. Kent Olvey, MD

Dr. Olvey has always been on top of my diabetes problems. He hasnever said I'll get back to you when I called with a personal problem or question. He lists his cell number for his patients and is always prompt to answer. He is definitely 5 stars in my book

from Vincent Paul in CO February 28, 2018 for S. Kent Olvey, MD

I was suffering excruciating leg cramping after total knee surgery. Nothing I tried seemed to work. I even suggested to the surgeon, quite seriously, about four weeks after surgery that perhaps he ought to amputate the leg to get rid of the pain. I went to Dr. Olvey and explained the situation and he did some research about leg cramping after surgery. He then suggested I stop two of my… See more