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Internal Medicine
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

"Listen to your patients; they’re telling you the diagnosis.” I heard this advice as a student, and it has been the cornerstone of my approach to medicine. The corollary is that health care (what to test and how to treat) must be tailored to the individual. These are exciting times in the medical world with significant advances every day, but it all has to be reconciled with the needs and circumstances of each individual.

Dr. Li's Credentials

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The New York Hospital, Cornell Medical Center
New York, NY
Senior Assistant Resident 1979-1980
Coordinator, Cornell Medical Team, Khao-I-Dang Refugee Camp, Thailand 1980

The New York Hospital, Cornell Medical Center
New York, NY
Department of Medicine 1977-1978

Medical School:
Cornell University Medical College
New York, NY
Doctorate of Medicine 1977
Hirschl Scholar 1974

Henry J. Kaiser Fellow, General Internal Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Brigham & Women's Hospital
Fellow, Division of International Medicine, Cornell-New York Hospital Medical Center

Columbia University
New York, NY
Bachelor of Arts 1973
Cum Laude
Phi Beta Kappa 1973
Schwartz Scholar 1971
Class of 1909 Scholar 1970

American Board of Internal Medicine
National Board of Medical Examiners
Sibley Memorial Hospital
Georgetown University Hospital
English, French (basic), German (basic), Chinese/Mandarin (conversational)
Community Based Teaching Award, American College of Physicians 1995
Laurence H. Kyle Award for Excellence in Housestaff Education, Georgetown University Hospital 1988
Certificate of Appreciation, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing, China 1986
Alpha Omega Alpha Housingstaff Teaching Award 1980
Best doctors in America® 2013-2014
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, Georgetown University Medical School 1989-present
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Georgetown Unviversity Medical School 1984-1989
Attending Physician, Georgetown University Hospital 1984-present
Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School 1983-1984
Associate Physician, Brigham & Women's Hospital 1983-1985
Associate Director, Intensive Care Unit, St. Barnabas Hospital 1981
Emeritus Director, American Board of Internal Medicine
Fellow, American College of Physicians
American Society of General Internal Medicine
American Federation for Clinical Research
District of Columbia, Massachussetts, New York
Spending time with family, tennis, ink drawing, painting
from WILLIAM March 30, 2017 for Theodore C.M. Li, MD

Dr. Li listens, clearly shares results of his very thorough examinations, and is really the first person we think of when we have health-related questions.

from kamal March 25, 2017 for Theodore C.M. Li, MD

I have met Dr. Li 28 years ago. I was blessed to come across his path. He has helped me to live to the present age of 94. He was always available, put his heart in treating me with dignity and compassion. As for his competence, I know he is the top of the top. Lucky is the person who comes his way and receives medical treatments from him. Cannot thank you enough Dr. Li. I am eternally grateful… See more

from Jim March 23, 2017 for Theodore C.M. Li, MD

Dr. Li has been enormously responsive and focused on providing excellent care as I have experienced a series of health issues over the last year. He and his office have communicated very effectively and made informed judgments and referrals to other specialists as needed. He engenders great confidence that I am enjoying access to the best possible health care.

from Will March 24, 2017 for Theodore C.M. Li, MD

Dr. Li clearly loves his work. When you meet or talk with him he listens carefully, is clearly engaged, and uses the most up-to-date equipment and techniques to evaluate your situation. When I needed very quick advice and a reference, he was incredibly responsive at a time when I needed it a great deal. I trust him completely. And, to make it even better, he's quite simply a nice guy… See more

from Raymond in DC March 18, 2016 for Theodore C.M. Li, MD

No comments at this time.

from Connie in DC March 10, 2016 for Theodore C.M. Li, MD

Dr Li, consistent with his thoughtful and thorough approach, listened to my frustration with a chronic sinus condition & recommended a CT scan. The result proved to be life changing, perhaps even life saving as a meningioma was discovered on the scan. Dr Li recommended an MRI which confirmed the finding & immediately sent me to 2 excellent neurosurgeons for consultation.
I am now… See more

from Cecilia in VA October 28, 2014 for Theodore C.M. Li, MD

Since 1991, Dr. Theodore Li has been my physician. Dr. Li has been able to help me maintain a good level of health in spite of my challenging health issues.
Dr. Li is an excellent diagnostician. His approach of me has been holistic. As I aged and my chronic illnesses persisted, Dr. Li has consistently identified and provided successful solutions. Dr. Li is a caring physician and… See more

from Patricia in VA October 10, 2014 for Theodore C.M. Li, MD

It is my pleasure to congratulate Dr. Theodore Li as one do the Best Doctors in America for 2014. As a patient of Dr. Li for 16 years I have had the experience of receiving his outstanding care. He is very intelligent, caring and compassionate with an understanding manner. He is very thorough and scientifically sound in his analysis and treatment. He has always been available when necessary,… See more

from Anatoly in VA October 9, 2014 for Theodore C.M. Li, MD

For about 20 years I am a patient of Dr. Li. His most responsive attitude and thoughtful analysis of my problems gives me the confidence and optimism in my life. Along with his highest professionalism he maintains with me very positive, friendly relations. I can address him at any time and I am always assured of his response. My best wishes to him and his family.

from Emanuel in DC February 23, 2014 for Theodore C.M. Li, MD

I was in St. Petersburg, Russia; I was 75; my face was paralyzed on the right side; I thought I'd had a stroke; my Russian/American clinic wanted to hospitalize me; I called Dr. Li who told me to take the phone over to the mirror in my hotel room, now try to raise yr right eyebrow, he said; I said I couldn't; he said that;s good bec. the eyebrow is controlled by the facial nerve… See more

Annual Membership Fee

412.50per quarter
825.00per semi-annual
1,650.00per year